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Sunny Day on the Atlantic

Gulden Leeuw, 11 August 2017
Halifax - Le Havre Atlantic Crossing

– by Trainee Taylor

Good morning all you beautiful people! We are coming to you live from the middle of the Atlantic. Traffic was pretty slow out there yesterday. We finally had a break in the weather and seen the sun for the first time in what felt like days. Although there was a slight brisk breeze out there, everyone got out and enjoyed the much needed sun. To commemorate the break in the weather Jessica lead a yoga class on the aft deck for any crew or warrior who wanted to take part while others chose to sun-bathe on the back deck.


 Rose is still ‘killing’ everyone in the murder game. There was a pod of pilot whales, about 20-30 of them swimming along the boat on port side. Laundry is slowly getting done. Last night we lost an hour due to the time change. In five days we will move our clocks ahead again.


The warriors are starting to do tasks without the help of the crew. When asked to jibe or lower/set the sails, the warriors jump right to it and get the job done. Starting yesterday, during happy hour each watch was asked to delegate a lead-cleaner and each lead-cleaner was only allowed to ask ten questions to the crew. Each day the amount of questions we can ask goes down by one (eg. Friday, nine questions, Saturday, eight questions, etc.).


That’s it for today. We’ll be back tomorrow with an update from the Gulden Leeuw.