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Cultures at Sea, from individuals to-gether pt.3

Morgenster, 06 August 2016
Cadiz - A Coruna

– by Trainees from the Blue Watch

Morgenster, EU Exchange 2016
Logbook, part three: the Blue Watch


Day 3 – 01/08/2016

Temperature: 22 degrees Celsius
Speed: 4.5 knots
Bearing: 277 degrees

Today we woke up at 3:50 in the morning, put on our clothes and went up on deck. We joined the white watch for 5 minutes and then took control of the ship. Far away from the shore with all its lights, we could admire a fresh canvas of a starry and beautiful sky. Even some shooting stars peeked from time to time to say ‘hello’. An intermittent flash was being approached by the Morgenster, strangely enough it did not appear on the radar. Perhaps it was a mermaid or a fishing net (both are of course realistic). The change in sleep hours did creep up on us after a couple of hours, but luckily coffee, tea and toasties (grilled ham & cheese sandwiches) maintained our levels of energy and awareness. We hope the day will go as smoothly as its morning!
Gabriel (17), Spain
Emilie (29), Norway

Day 4 – 2/08/2016

We did not sleep at all because the boat is at an angle which makes it impossible. We woke up at 3:30am, to be on deck at 4 am. Even putting on clothes is difficult and going to the toilet nearly impossible. We are on the Atlantic Ocean and there are no other sailing ships around us anymore. We changed the sails and ate toasties. People are starting to feel better but some are still sick. Poor babies 🙁

Angelique (24), France and the rest of the Blue Watch

Day 5 – 3/08/2016

6:00 AM. We are freezing so badly! I think blue watch got the short straw on this watch schedule thing. If it wasn’t for Nora and her toasties, we would be pretty much helpless by now. In hindsight I should have packed warmer clothes. I can’t wait to go back to bed to sleep, hell, I think I will skip breakfast to go to sleep earlier!

Made toasties! And we saw another boat. We are all sleepy and can’t wait to go to bed and after that showerrrrr.
Gabriel, Spain
Nora, Norway

Day 7 – 5/08/2016

People climbed the mast in the dark, and we also changed the sails. Today we will arrive in Portugal!

We climbed up a bit higher than the first platform to climb unto the topsail yard. There we untied the sail, so we could set the sail. Although it was probably colder than ‘downstairs’, with the windproof clothing and the workout (all this climbing and the work on the sail is not easy!) we didn’t notice. It was very hard because we could barely see what we were doing. Next time I’ll take a flashlight. Afterwards about 5 people came and helped to set the topsails.
It was very nice to put to practice the lessons Mirjam gave us earlier, as we did have a better understanding of what the different ropes do. People also seemed to enjoy working with the sails as it was a welcome change from the last couple of days. Afterwards, some of the team members served some delicious toasties which were very much appreciated.
Yago (17), Spain

Day 8 – 6/8/2016

Dear Diary,
Yesterday we were at Figueira and it was SO nice! J Cool houses with tiles on them and birds in a cage in the park. Cute 🙂

We went to the beach, it was pretty and everyone was happy. Some people went to swim and they said the water was cold.

Then some went to discover more of the city while others went to eat and drink. I ate a Francesinha which was FANTASTICOOOO! MUY BIEN! Si si senorita. Inês and Ana Raquel were really good tour guides (they live here) and showed us around. We came back to the boat for dinner before everyone went out again for a little evening exploring until midnight.

Today the Frenchies had their presentation, they did a quiz and it was funny and interesting. We all thought it was very good. They put a lot of effort into it and also fed us. The White Watch won the quiz. Now we are on watch from 4 to 8 and we are smelling meat from the kitchen, must be good food again tonight!
Bye! 🙂
Nora, Norway
Ines, Spain

Today we came on watch at 4 like usual and saw a city called “something something we don’t know”. (Porto, red.)
This watch was pretty good. Temperature was pretty warm compared to our previous watches (14 degrees). Right now we are approaching the Spanish coast. During our watch we played games like continuing the Fibonacci series (1,1,2,3,5,8) or doubles (2,4,8,16) and guessed capital cities of certain countries. We were lucky to have a time shift from Portuguese time to Spanish time, as it meant we had one more hour of sunlight.

The sunrise was amazing. The suns rising over the Galician mountains, with toasties and dolphins. Just perfect. The night watch is much easier now; with the light contamination from the shore we can perfectly see what we are doing. Also, the moon has started to come out, meaning more light. Although it is colder, there is less wind, and therefore it does not feel as cold.
Eric (16), Spain
Gabriel (16), Spain
Yago (16), Spain
Nora (20), Norway.