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The First Lighthouse

Gulden Leeuw, 18 August 2017
Halifax - Le Havre Atlantic Crossing

– by Trainee Paddy

Gulden Leeuw Atlantic Crossing Journey Map Windseeker

So yesterday when I went on night watch, we were 127NMi from the finish line and we’ve finally reentered commercial waters. Around 21:30, the wind shifted into an almost perfect tailwind, so we had to jibe and switch the sails to starboard and square up the yards, but then as we went on watch, Sophie saw that we were heading for a group of fishing vessels and needed to divert. We didn’t want to call for all hands again so we stayed as close to the wind as possible with our skilled sailing facilitator, Saimaniq. As we changed course, it was also seen that we were sailing towards our first sealane. A section with high activity, so lines A, C, and E cannot be crossed, while lines B and D are function just like a road for vessels.


Someone spotted our first lighthouse in several thousand miles, giving everyone a sense of reaching the end of our journey. This makes me particularly sad, because as nice as it would be to see home, I could easily spend another 4-5 months out here. Left, right, and center, every single crew member has been an absolute delight to work with, learn from, and share a great laugh. From Xico’s Portugese trap music to Lukas’ videogame addiction. Alejandro’s Ropie Awareness Day, Captain Arjen dabbing, Anousch and Carlos playing Who Am I, Peter’s sea shanties, Anna’s kind heart, Michael’s horrible jokes, Bente’s cleaning regulations, the murder game’s cunning and paranoia, Adam and Alejandro balancing on barrels, sword fighting, and “You must SQUEEZE it”. This trip has been one amazing interaction after another and the only thing I could wish for is to airdrop my girlfriend on board. ;P

I’ll miss every single one of you when we’re done, but I hope to never forget anyone. <3

Trainees Sailing Relaxing Gulden Leeuw Windseeker