In order to receive a refund for your travel costs, you must:
1. Download the refunding form below,
2. Fill it out, add all of your tickets and receipts, and create a single PDF file containing the form, tickets and receipts (hint: you can use a free app like Adobe Scan on your phone to quickly scan all of your tickets and receipts - but don't forget to add the form!)
3. Upload the PDF file below before the 5th of December.

In order for refunding to take place we must send the forms, tickets and receipts to the Erasmus+ organisation on time. No documentation received after the deadline will be accepted, neither will exceptions be made.

Download the form here

Ready? Upload your document here:

Additional information

In order to finalize this project, we need the following:

Copies of all your tickets, receipts, invoices (train, bus, airplane) from both the arrival journey and the return journey.

NOTICE: the tickets must contain the following information:
- the start and finish location,
- the date,
- the price (if not in EUR, please note the current conversion rate)

If you have been traveling by a car or motorcycle, it is also possible to get a refund. A certain amount will be given per kilometer traveled. The amount of kilometers traveled will be determined by the start and end point. Please note that we will not be able to refund your parking costs.

We shall initiate the refunding of the costs from the moment Erasmus+ accepts the forms. Please keep in mind that this may take up to 6 till 8 months. If you have any enquiries or if you require further information regarding the refunding, please get in touch via email or phone.