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Sailing on Tall Ships is a team activity! Windseeker has a long history of cooperating with local, national and international institutions in order to bring Sail Training to as many participants as possible.


We are continually working closely with the Sail Training Association Netherlands (STAN). STAN’s mission is to facilitate young people’s personal development by Sail Training activities, and preserve the maritime heritage of centuries-old sailing experience for future generations.

By contributing to the costs of sailing along on one of the sailing vessels, the STAN aims to ensure that participation remains affordable for a wide group of young people.

We work together on such projects as International Youth Exchanges, the Tall Ships Races, EVS and many more.


STAN is a part of large federation of organisations called together Sail Training International (STI). Windseeker works with different national Sail Training Associations during the Tall Ships Races and organising International Youth Exchanges. It’s the international Sail Training Associations that make it possible for us to create multi-layered projects for youngsters from many countries.


Windseeker also works together with Spant, supporting youth entrepreneurship and activism. Spant is a youth group who came out of STAN. It’s a network of young people who have participated in Sail Training journeys in the summer, and want to stay involved in sailing during the off-season. Spant organises day-sails, workshops, drinks and other activities. They are invaluable partner, supporting Windseeker by providing training to the Mentors.


The Sail Training International itself is an umbrella organisation set up by the various national Sail Training organisations, such as the STAN. The STI is the organiser of the Tall Ships Races, the largest, and arguably best-known, annual Tall Ships event in the world. Each year close to 100 vessels from many countries participate in the harbour festivals, and race between them, with young people (trainees) on board. The Tall Ships Races foster positive sportsmanship and fair competition, as well as international friendships and preserving the heritage of Tall Ships. Aside from that, the STI organises smaller Tall Ships Regatta once or twice a year, as well as an annual International Sail Training Conference.


Besides these ongoing partnerships, we have worked with many institutions in different countries. Each year the hostports of the Tall Ships Races sponsor a large number of young people to participate in Sail Training journeys. For years now these ports have trusted Windseeker to use our experience and knowledge to provide the best possible experience for their trainees. Windseeker handles the administration, advises on the choice of vessels, provides mentors, gives travel suggestions, kitlist, etc. to as many as over a hundred trainees from each port. Over the years this experience has made us uniquely qualified in providing high quality service to large groups of trainees.


During the International Youth Exchanges we are working together with international partners, sometimes multiple ones per country. Since Windseeker projects often have many levels (Sail Training, international cooperation, sustainability, etc.), we are always looking for enthusiastic partners willing to share their knowledge and experience. We have successfully cooperated with Non-Governmental Organisations, as well as municipalities, yacht clubs, universities and informal groups of activists.


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