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Join a sailing adventure on a Tall Ship and set course for new horizons!

Copenhagen (DK) - Esbjerg (DK) - Copenhagen (DK)

18 July - 01 August 2021

14 days, Vega Gamleby

From € 995,-

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Clean Circle Navigators Exchange@sea Powered by Erasmus+ Sail Training

Normal price: € 995,-

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Vega Gamleby:
Copenhagen (DK) - Esbjerg (DK) - Copenhagen (DK)

18 July - 01 August 2021

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Following the Salty Footprints. Erasmus+ International Exchange for young people aged 15-25 years from: Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK and Sweden (26-28 at request). Discover Denmark from the board of Vega Gamleby while helping with the worldwide plastic reasearch of the seas. Learn to sail a traditional Tall Ship, make international friends, challenge yourself to try new things and join the global movement against plastic pollution. This unforgettable adventure will stay with you for a long time afterwards. Participate in Dinghy to raise money for your journey and learn new things about yourself. Additional fees may apply due to the necessity of becoming a member of a partner organisation of your country (up to EUR 25-30). IMPORTANT: Vega Gamleby is a vegetarian ship and all meals on board will be vegetarian.

About this journey

Join the Following Salty Footprints international exchange in Denmark. Sailing a traditional Tall Ship is a great adventure! The experienced crew will coach you along until soon you will be setting the sails without their help. You will learn to navigate using sea charts, steer (what a rush!), climb the masts (voluntarily) and so much more. You will also help with cooking, cleaning and maintenance: everything needed to keep the ship sailing and

Sustainability and sailing are closely related. You will have the opportunity to do plastic research of the sea with the marine biologist from By the Ocean we Unite organization. You will fish microplastics from the water, measure and analyse them, and send the data to a global database. You will also organise and participate in local actions, such as beach cleanups, awareness campaigns and visiting places with good environmental practices in place.

The cultural exchange will be facilitated by the mentors on board. They will invite you to share your traditions and cuisine, participate in games and challenges and help you to feel good in the group. You will live and work with people from different nationalities, learning by experiencing. By the end of the journey you will be surprised by how much you’ve learned without realizing. You will get a confirmation of your new skills and competences in the form of an official YouthPass certificate.

No budget? No worries! The Windseeker Dinghy will help you get on board. The program, much more than just a fundraising training, is part of your preparation and included in the Exchanges. Raise money for your journey, supported by an experienced coach. Learn new things about yourself and gain life skills. It is also a great way to connect with other trainees. Let us know at booking if you’d like to take part. It's a good idea, really. Regardless of financial reasons. Join Dinghy and get going!


Copenhagen, Denmark’s clean, modern capital will win you over with its many districts, each with its distinctive character. Copenhagen has an abundance of water and many parks, so rent a bicycle and explore the city! You’ll find architecture old and new, lovely waterfronts and squares, fountains, and of course the friendly inhabitants of the city. Copenhagen has a lot of great restaurants and bars, and in the summer plays host to several festivals. In the winter, its museums are worth a visit.

  • Copenhagen (DK)

  • Copenhagen (DK)

Sponsorship and costs

Participants of this journey are enrolled into the Windseeker Dinghy Program for free in order to raise money for their own journey.

The subsidized price for this journey is EUR 995,- per trainee, instead of the regular price of EUR 1,780.

Windseekers from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden need to become members of their countries' Sail Training Associations for a small fee (usually up to EUR 30).

Possible reimbursement of your travel costs to- and from the ports. The maximum possible amount is: for Denmark EUR 180, Netherlands EUR 275, Belgium EUR 275, France EUR 275, UK EUR, 275 Sweden EUR 275. The exact amounts will be confirmed at a later date, depending on the EU funding.

The reimbursement will take place several months after the journey.

Key points

  • Dates: 18 July 2021 - 1 August 2021
  • For Windseekers 15-25 years, age 26-28 at request
  • Participating countries: Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK and Sweden
  • No sailing experience required!
  • Official language on board: English
  • Price includes: accommodation and meals, excludes drinks at the bar
  • Price excludes: transportation costs to and from ports. Our travel counsellor can advise you and book your transfers. Windseeker can help to arrange traveling together with other trainees from your country
  • Windseekers need to have a health insurance and a travel insurance
  • Need to take with you on board: pillowcase, bedsheets and towels
  • Windseekers from the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France and Sweden need to become members of their countries’ Sail Training Associations

VZR Garant

In order to meet its statutory obligation to provide a guarantee, Windseeker makes use of the guarantee scheme provided by VZR Garant. You can check that this is the case by visiting VZR Garant’s website and verifying that the organization is listed as a participant. VZR Garant’s guarantee applies within the limits of its Guarantee Scheme (which can be found on VZR Garant’s website. The Guarantee Scheme specifies the exact journey offering to which VZR Garant’s guarantee applies and what the guarantee entails. If services are not provided due to the financial insolvency of Windseeker you can contact VZR Garant, which has its offices at Torenallee 20, 5617 BC Eindhoven, Netherlands, by sending an email to or calling +31 (0)85 13 07 630.

  • Agathe (26) France

    "Discovering how far you can surpass yourself and push your limits out of your comfort zone"

  • Keshan (17) UK

    "It was cozy and comfortable, but hard work and exciting."

  • Samantha (18) Australia

    "I have learned that despite my small size, I can do anything if I put my mind to it."

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