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Morning Star of Revelation


Morning Star of Revelation was built by Tim Millward, the founder of the Morning Star Trust. The process took several years, from 1972 to 1978. Many professionals, as well as volunteers, took part in bringing the Ship to life. The Trust bought the vessel from Tim in 2014 and since then continues to operate her as a Sail Training Ship, offering cruises, RYA courses, Duke of Edinburgh Awards Expeditions and Residentials and taking part in Tall Ships Events.


Tim Millward has built the Morning Star of Revelation between 1972 and 1978 and the Morning Star Trust has bought her in 2014. The Trust manages and sails the Morning Star of Revelation with the core team and many volunteers.The Ship sails mostly in the summer season, from March until November, with 3 members of the crew and up to 11 trainees. Each year approximately 420 people join the vessel for Sail Training and adventure.

Once you step on board the Morning Star of Revelation, you are embarking on a spiritual, as well as physical, journey. The core team are Christians and they are happy to discuss their faith, while letting people make their own decisions about what they believe. The programme usually includes a “thought for the day” or a short discussion of questions like “What do you think is the best way to be happy?”.

Morning Star Trust is a registered RYA Training Centre and on some cruises they offer the Competent Crew courses. There are also possibilities to do the Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions and Gold Residentials on board.


On board you will be allocated a bunk in a common room, and a locker for your belongings.


Shipping type: Gaff Ketch
Homeport: Chatham, Kent, UK
Date built: 1978
Capacity: 14
Length: 16.30 m
Beam: 4.5 m
Height of mast: 20.12 m
Engine capacity: