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The Future is Clear

Sustainability and sailing are closely related. Sailing on the beautiful ocean we can't help but notice growing plastic pollution, but also the wonderful wildlife which we need to protect! Being a Clean Circle Navigator you will do plastic research of the sea with the marine biologist from By the Ocean we Unite organization. Fish for microplastics with a special manta trawl. Analyse the samples and send the results to a global database.

Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Organise and participate in local actions, such as beach cleanups, awareness campaigns and visiting places with good environmental practices. Spread the message by any means you can think of, and don't forget your lessons once you're back home. Become a confident leader and help to combat climate change step by step. Be an inspiration to your family, colleagues and friends.

Join a Tall Ship Adventure

Learn from the marine biologist on board, and also from each other! Is your country good at recycling? Or maybe everyone bikes to work? What do you think is good, and what could be improved? Share the best practices and compare different ways of living. You may be surprised by other countries' solutions, or by the fact that they don't do the things which to you are obvious. This everyday cultural exchange is more valuable than you might think!

Practice what you learn. Being on a ship means that the fresh water is scarce so you might need to take one-minute showers. Limited storage place for trash means you'll have to sort it carefully to avoid bad smells and be able to carry it longer. You will quickly become aware of how much waste we produce when you have to store it all on board. But don't despair! We will work together to find ways to limit everyday trash consumption.

Set Course for Sustainability

Propelled by the power of the wind you will discover a more mindful way of traveling between places. Don't hurry, the journey is as important as the destination! Enjoy the digital detox of being out of mobile service zone: pick up a book, play a guitar or simply make new friends.

Step off board in exciting new places. Bring what you've learned to a broader public. Maybe you'll give a presentation about the findings of your plastic research? Or organise a coastal cleanup and make a sculpture from the trash you've picked? Don't ignore the elephant in the room!

Sustainability programme on board Vega Gamleby in 2019:

Plastic research is led by the scientists from The Ocean Movement

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