At Windseeker we have been organizing youth projects on Tall Ships since 2004 and their great success was largely thanks to cooperating with organizations such as yours. The cornerstones of these projects: sail training, personal development and cultural exchange created life changing learning opportunities for hundreds of youngsters from all over Europe.

From this season, summer 2019, we will add another element to our programs. A subject that cannot be ignored, especially not in our line of work: sustainability.

As passionate sailors we love and respect the ocean. Each year we see less wildlife and more trash in our waters. Realizing how important that ecosystem is for the whole planet we’ve turned our concern into taking action and started to explore our options.

We are looking for new partners to improve our programs and reach more youngsters who will benefit from them. We’d like to help you to expand your network and curriculum with exciting and educational projects. We can arrange a beach cleanup in your area and share our research results with your organisation.

Thank you to our current partners


Over the years we have much appreciation for the Windseeker team, operating in a funding landscape that changes every year. It is rewarding to work on something you really believe in.

Harry Muter, Captain of the Morgenster

It was a journey which changed the way I think of myself and taught me important things in life, by just being myself and that is enough.

Trainee Clara, 19

Expand your network – reach new audiences

You want to find new contacts and work together with organisations of a similar mission. You want to provide young people with adventurous learning experiences and are looking to expand your offer. You are growing fast and need a bigger audience. You have ideas on how to make this world a better place, and you want to develop them together with like-minded people. You are ready to reach out and be a part of something bigger. Let's network!

Our International Exchanges combine sailing training on a Tall Ship, cultural understanding and environmental education. We are looking to connect with other organisations in order to provide the best possible experience to as many youngsters as possible. Enrich your curriculum with the Sustainable Sailing journeys, share this opportunity with your recipients and offer them a life-changing experience which is both educational and fun!

Windseeker History
Windseeker History

Educate a new generation of climate ambassadors

Investing our time and experience in educating young people means clear benefits for the future of the Earth. Help us reach more participants and educate them about the environment, multiculturalism and the value of personal development. Change their everyday habits and help them grow into climate ambassadors. Let’s help each other to meet our common goal of providing experiential learning to as many youngsters as possible.

The youngsters who choose our journeys are adventurous and concerned for the environment. They like to push themselves and cross their comfort zones, train their leadership qualities and learn new things with open minds. And they'd like to find out more about your projects! You can improve their stay on board with an additional program point or host the participants in your organisation, sharing your best practices with a captive audience.

Join the movement – we will help you clean up your beach

Constantly looking how to improve our programs we are also looking for interesting places to visit and good learning opportunities for our journeys' participants. We are searching for new partners, local organisations who could benefit from our youngsters' enthusiasm. We would love to organise environmental actions with you, such as coastal cleanups or a presentation of our research into microplastics in the oceans.

We will happily arrange various activities for your public, together with our participants who love to learn by doing! We'll spread the message about your own important projects and get you in touch with our own international network of organisations. We are very happy to share our knowledge and experience, and provide amazing learning opportunities to the youngsters you work with. Let's get in touch!

Windseeker History