Set course for your international exchange aboard a traditional Tall Ship in European waters. Go where few have gone before. Mingle with fellow shipmates from all over Europe, polish up your Sail Training skills and explore new shores together. No matter your experience, no matter your budget. Step into the mix of international, like-minded young trainees and embark on a great adventure!

These sailing adventures are co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The price of the journeys is subsidized, and much lower per day than an average journey. Your travel costs to and from the ship will be reimbursed, following the rules of the Erasmus+ programme.

International adventure

Experience living in your own ‘miniature EU’ society on board. Learn to cooperate with people of different backgrounds, discovering the similarities and using the differences to your advantage. Practice communication, learn how to work in a team and make friends with people you would never have met otherwise.

Windseeker mentors will invite you to share your country's traditions and cuisine, participate in games and challenges and help you to feel good in the group. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation of your new skills and competences in the form of an official Youth Pass certificate from the Erasmus+ programme.

Set course for sustainability

Become a part of something bigger than yourself. Deploy the manta trawl and analyse the microplastics with The Ocean Movement researcher before sending the results to a global database. Organise beach clean-ups. Learn from the marine biologist on board, and also from each other! Share the best practices and compare different ways of living.

Practice what you learn. Fresh water is scarce on board so you might need to take one-minute showers. Limited storage place for trash means you'll have to sort it carefully. You will quickly become aware of how much waste we produce when you have to store it all on board. But don't despair! We will work together to find ways to improve.

Take the helm

Propelled by the power of the wind, you will discover a more mindful way of traveling between places. Don't hurry, the journey is as important as the destination! Feel the wind in your hair as you take the helm and steer the Ship towards your next destination. Sing shanties while hoisting the sails with your crew mates. Admire the view from the top of the mast while unpacking the sails.
Enjoy the digital detox of being out of mobile service zone: pick up a book, play a guitar or simply make new friends.

Life on board

Step on board


No budget? No worries! The Windseeker Dinghy will help you get on board. Start your adventure long before you step on board, raise money for your own journey, make friends and learn new things about yourself!

Dinghies get you on board. From the beach to your ship, and from the ship on land to explore new places.

The Windseeker Dinghy does the same: it gets you on board a tall ship to go explore that new horizon you are after.

It provides you with the tools and mind-set to raise the money needed for your sail training voyage.

All this happens online, taking you through a series of steps to get you ready to head out and fund your very own sailing trip.

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