Sail Training


Stand at the helm and feel the rush of power from steering a huge Tall Ship all on your own! Check your position and plot it on the sea chart. You’re a bit closer to your destination but the wind seems to be changing. What’s next?

Climb the mast to unfurl more sails and take a moment to admire the view from 20m high. Get back on deck and take charge of raising the sail with your fellow trainees – teamwork is the key and your confidence is growing!


Learn some good environmental practices. There’s only so much fresh water on board: take 1-minute showers or tomorrow there might be nothing left! Join the global research by fishing and analyzing microplastics from the sea.

Go to the beach and pick up the trash. Turn on some music and make it a party! You’ve collected so much garbage – why not build something nice out of it. A sculpture out of garbage is sure to get people’s attention. Use it to talk to them about pollution.


Broaden your horizons and don’t let borders stop friendships. Meet people who you would otherwise have never met. Find the ways in which you are similar and celebrate differences - you may find teamwork much easier when everybody is good at something else.

On a Sail Training trip you can play a German game, have Italian food for dinner, listen to Scottish bagpipes and try to learn Hungarian dance. But most of the cultural exchange happens in daily life where you learn about each other – and about yourself.

The crew made sure that we had enough possibility to learn.

Riekje, Gulden Leeuw

Pushed me out of my comfort zone, got to meet people I'd never get to meet and made lifelong friends.

Jeremy W., Wylde Swan

A voyage of incomparable diversity, good times and great sailing!

Cody McDermott, Gulden Leeuw

Life on Board

Step on board the Tall Ship through a shaky gangway. The first thing you notice are the high masts and hundreds of ropes. The crew welcomes you on board and gives you the tour. Bridge, galley, starboard, portside… everything seems overwhelming and exciting at the same time! Then it’s time for a climbing lesson. As you make your way to the yards you feel like a true adventurer. You’ve made it – what a rush!

Together with some others you volunteer to help with first meal and you can’t stop talking and laughing. Looks like you’ll make some friends quickly. Soon the excitement of the day catches up with everyone. You are rocked to sleep by the gentle rolling of the ship. Tomorrow you will set course for a new horizon.

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