Windseeker Dinghy Programme

There are no more Dinghy rides for individual trainees this season. The Erasmus+ Dinghy is still taking place.

Join Dinghy to raise money for your sailing journey supported by an experienced coach. Fund your adventure, learn new things about yourself and gain practical tools to use in future projects.

Become stronger, more independent, responsible, and self-aware. Set course for New Horizons. Hop into the next Windseeker Dinghy - the ride begins soon!

Dinghies get you on board. From the beach to your ship, and from the ship on land to explore new places. The Windseeker Dinghy does the same: it gets you on board a tall ship to go explore that new horizon you are after. It provides you with the tools and mind-set to raise the money needed for your sail training voyage. All this happens online, taking you through a series of steps to get you ready to head out and fund your very own sailing trip.

You will learn how you can apply your personal talents and qualities to make this happen, all guided by a coach and based on years of experience. What will it cost you to become a Windseeker on a tall ship? Just your own effort. Are you up for it?

About the Program

More than just a fundraising program, Dinghy is a personal development Journey, which results in raising the funds to join a Tall Ship sailing adventure. The Dinghy is an experience on its own, and a great preparation for the life on board.

Proven successful in other Sail Training projects, Dinghy gives you insight into your capabilities, connects you to other trainees, empowers you to push through, and enables you to work your way to being a Windseeker on a Tall Ship.


Dinghy is built upon years of experience with fundraising and coaching. Together with your peers, you will go through this step-by-step program, which provides the mindset and tools to reach your goals.

The Dinghy experience consists of:
- Live sessions (online)
- Video tutorials
- Practical assignments
- Group & one-on-one feedback with an experienced coach


- Who can join? Anyone between 15 and 25 years old who wants to get on board one of Windseeker’s voyages in the summer of 2023. Other ages on request.
- Start of the training: At any time (we start when we have a Team complete, Teams are 5-8 trainees).
- Duration: 3 – 4 months.
- Time investment: 1-1.5 hours a week for the first month, flexible after that.
- Money investment: the total cost of the training is € 150 but thanks to a sponsorship you can now join for only € 75!
- How: Teams, Whatsapp-group, e-mail.
- What do you need? A smartphone and/or computer.

There are no more Dinghy teams starting this season

If your’re an individual trainee, then please come back after the summer, or contact for bursaries for this year.

For Erasmus+ sustainable Exchange@sea trainees Dinghy is still available for this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I the right person to do this? I don't think I'd be good at fundraising...

We strongly believe there is a way to raise funds for everyone, no matter their personality or talents. Together with the coach you will identify your own strengths and prepare your personal fundraising plan based on those. So not only will you raise money, you will also learn to maximize your own potential!

Is online training effective? What tools do you use?

There is no significant difference between online and live sessions. Thanks  to doing this online we can offer Dinghy to people all around the world. We can also work in smaller groups this way.


We have live sessions and pre-recorded videos which you can open any time you like. We also have some documents but they’re not too long! We meet in small groups to exchange ideas and catch up on everybody’s progress. It’s fun!

What will I learn?

Dinghy is as much about learning as it is about fundraising!


During the course of the program you will learn some very practical skills, such as planning and budgeting, creating effective elevator pitch, identifying and capitalizing on your talents.


You will also improve your self-esteem, learn to make mistakes and take lessons from them and gain interpersonal competences – all under the guidance of your coach.