Windseeker Dinghy Programme

Dinghy registrations are closed for this summer - sadly there is not enough time left to get the momentum needed to bring you to the Ship. The next Dinghy ride leaves in September.

Join Dinghy to raise money for your sailing journey supported by an experienced coach. Fund your adventure, learn new things about yourself and gain practical tools to use in future projects.

Dinghies get you on board. From the beach to your ship, and from the ship on land to explore new places. The Windseeker Dinghy does the same: it gets you on board a tall ship to go explore that new horizon you are after. It provides you with the tools and mind-set to raise the money needed for your sail training voyage. All this happens online, taking you through a series of steps to get you ready to head out and fund your very own sailing trip.

You will learn how you can apply your personal talents and qualities to make this happen, all guided by a coach and based on years of experience. What will it cost you to become a Windseeker on a tall ship? Just your own effort. Are you up for it?

In the spring of 2019 the first 4 Dinghy rides set off. In them groups of Windseeker trainees on their way to the Tall Ships Races or an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange.

Later that year, Dinghy 2.0 followed, with a program improved by the mentors’ experience and feedback from participants. This went great, and with only some minor tweaks we are now ready to invite you for the next Dinghy ride.

This year, if you're a participant of one of the Exchange@sea youth journeys, you will have free access to all of the content. But Dinghy is also available for individual trainees who are looking for an adventure.

Windseeker Dinghy is aimed at young people aged 15-25 who would like to sail with Windseeker on one of our upcoming voyages. If you’re older than that and you’d like to participate – send us a message at

Participation in Dinghy is free for the trainees of Exchange@sea Powered by Erasmus+ journeys, thanks to the EU funding. For other participants we have secured an external sponsorship - just contact us by email or WhatsApp - or leave a comment below - and we'll work out the details to make Dinghy available to you!

Ready? Sign up right away and set off in the Windseeker Dinghy! We are ready when you are, starting dates are flexible and together we will look at the best timing for you personally.

Interested? Leave us your contact and we'll get back to you when the next Dinghy ride is about to start after the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online training effective? What tools do you use?

There is no significant difference between online and live sessions. Thanks  to doing this online we can offer Dinghy to people all around the world. We can also work in smaller groups this way.


We have live sessions and pre-recorded videos which you can open any time you like. We also have some documents but they’re not too long! We meet in small groups to exchange ideas and catch up on everybody’s progress. It’s fun!

What will I learn?

Dinghy is as much about learning as it is about fundraising!


During the course of the program you will learn some very practical skills, such as planning and budgeting, creating effective elevator pitch, identifying and capitalizing on your talents.


You will also improve your self-esteem, learn to make mistakes and take lessons from them and gain interpersonal competences – all under the guidance of your coach.

What if my journey gets cancelled?

These are uncertain times, but we will not leave you alone! If the journey gets cancelled or you are unable to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions, the mentors will help you come up with an alternative project. Perhaps you will spend it on a local training, online course, or to organise a sustainable action? The sky is the limit!