Tall Ships



Tall Ship Artemis was built in 1926 in Norway. She was a whaling vessel, named after the Greek hunting goddess. Until the 1940s she was sailing the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans in search of whales. Then, in the 1950s, she became a freighter vessel. In those days she sailed mainly between Asia and South America.
Since 2001, under the flag of Frisian Tallship Company she sails with guests in the European waters.


The Artemis is a former whaling ship, named after the Greek goddess of hunting. A three-masted barque, she carries square sails on the first two masts.

The inside of the Ship is very nicely decorated and has a warm maritime ambiance.

She sails mostly on European waters. The Artemis likes to visit historic ports and maritime events, such as Tall Ships Races.


The Artemis can take 120 guests on board for day trips and 32 for overnight journeys. The accommodation is in cabins, each with a private bathroom. During the day you can relax in a spacious and beautifully arranged saloon. The large kitchen serves food and drinks, prepared by experienced staff.


Shipping type: Barque 3
Homeport: Harlingen
Date built: 1926
Restored: 2000
Capacity: 38
Length: 59 m
Beam: 7.05 m
Draught: 3.80 m
Sail: 1050 m2
Height of mast: 30.06 m
Engine capacity: 450 hp