The Esprit is a two-masted wooden boat featuring a modern schooner rig, with a gaff fore and Bermuda main. Since 1996, the youthful and often international crews of the Esprit have frequently stood on the victory stage of the Tall Ships Races. The Esprit is especially proud of winning the Cutty Sark Trophy (Friendship Trophy) during the 1997 Regatta.

On the Esprit, it’s hands-on for everyone! As a trainee, you will actively participate in all sailing and harbour manoeuvres. You’ll steer the vessel, plot positions on sea maps, and assist in the galley (kitchen). Throughout these tasks, the experienced main crew will guide you, help you get your sea legs, and ensure your safety on board. They are always available to answer any questions and oversee the overall security.

After a good sailing watch, you will sleep in one of the 4-berth cabins, each equipped with a small toilet and washbasin, ensuring comfort during your journey.

The Esprit offers a unique seamanship experience on a fast-sailing vessel. As one of the 12 trainees, you will learn teamwork and gain insights into other cultures. You will be part of a smaller unit— a watch—working together to sail the vessel towards her destination. Expect to forge new friendships and learn a great deal, both about sailing and about yourself.

Whether you join a weekend trip to discover if sailing is for you, or embark on a longer journey to a distant destination, participating in the Tall Ships Races on board Esprit is an unforgettable adventure filled with fun and learning!


Shipping type: schooner

Homeport: Bremen (DE)

Date built: 1995

Restored: -

Capacity: 16

Length: 19.92 m

Beam: 5.08 m

Draught: 3.00

Sail: 180 m2

Height of mast: 21.25 m

Engine capacity: Cummins 157 kW (212 PS)

Displacement: 26 ton

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