Stad Amsterdam


Step aboard the Stad Amsterdam and journey back in time aboard a modern Clipper reminiscent of the 19th century merchant ships. With its 60-meter-long wooden deck, towering masts, numerous yards, and billowing sails, you’ll be transported to an era of maritime adventure.

While the Clipper Stad Amsterdam embodies the spirit of the past, it also boasts impressive speed, reaching up to 16.8 knots – a testament to its ability to rival its historic predecessors. Experience the thrill of sailing on this extraordinary vessel and embark on an unforgettable voyage through both time and sea.


In the year 2000, company Randstad and the city of Amsterdam collaborated to commission the construction of the Stad Amsterdam, a modern homage to the authentic clippers that once dominated the seas. Designed to meet contemporary standards, this majestic vessel pays tribute to the storied history of 19th-century clippers.

During this era of intense competition in the shipping industry, clippers emerged as the pinnacle of maritime innovation. In pursuit of faster trade routes for valuable commodities like tea and spices, shipbuilders experimented with various hull forms and sail configurations. The result was a remarkable fusion of speed and elegance, embodied by the sleek lines and towering masts of the clipper ships.

Since its launch, Clipper Stad Amsterdam has navigated the waters of the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic, the Caribbean and even Pacific, Australia and South-East Asia, embodying the legacy of its historic predecessors while charting a course into the future of maritime exploration.


Experience ample space for relaxation aboard the Stad Amsterdam, with multiple decks designed to cater to your comfort. On the main deck, you’ll find a spacious lounge area complete with a bar and reading tables – ideal for unwinding or hosting presentations and movie screenings. This inviting space also serves as the setting for communal dinners, fostering camaraderie among fellow voyagers.

The vessel features 14 luxurious cabins, each equipped with a shower, lavatory, and air-conditioning. These cabins are adaptable to accommodate both two-person and four-person occupancy, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience for every guest.


Shipping type: Clipper

Homeport: Amsterdam (NL)

Date built: 2000

Restored: 2012

Capacity: 58

Length: 76 m

Beam: 10,5 m

Draught: 4,8 m

Sail: 2200 m2

Height of mast: 46,25 m

Engine capacity: 1014 pk


Stad Amsterdam

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