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Stad Amsterdam


Company Randstad and the city of Amsterdam commissioned the construction of Stad Amsterdam in resemblance of the authentic clippers, meeting today's requirements. Clippers were built in the beginning of the 19th century in times of tough competition within the shipping industry. To sell valuable commodities like tea and spices faster, speed became increasingly important. The United States went experimenting with all kinds of hull forms. Voluminous round bows became sharper and hollower. The stern of the ship became more round and the ship's form was cut off more. The masts became higher to allow more sail and studding sails were added in order to achieve high speeds with less wind. The result was stunning; unknown speeds with beautiful shaped vessels. The Cutty Sark is the only remaining original clipper and nowadays serves as a museum ship in Greenwich. In 2000 the Stad Amsterdam was put into service and ever since is has sailed the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean and the Caribbean.


A modern Clipper. Imagine yourself on a 19th century clipper when you board Stad Amsterdam, a modern version of the fast merchant ships of bygone days. The 60 metre long wooden deck, the high masts, the many yards and hundreds of metres of sails billowing up in the wind bring you back into time. As for speed the Clipper Stad Amsterdam will measure up to its predecessors with 16.8 knots as the highest noted score in the log.


Multiple decks give you all the space you will need to relax. There's a spacious long room with a bar and reading tables on the main deck. The space is also perfectly suitable for presentations and showing movies. This is also where you all have dinner. The vessel has 14 luxurious cabins, fitted with shower, lavatory and air-conditioning that can be used as two-person and four-person cabins.


Shipping type: Clipper
Homeport: Amsterdam (NL)
Date built: 2000
Restored: 2012
Capacity: 58
Length: 76m
Beam: 10,5m
Draught: 4,8m
Sail: 2200m2
Height of mast: 46,25m
Engine capacity: 1014 pk