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set course for new horizons

Hi future tall ship trainee! 


You are ready to sign up for Dinghy and fund you own sail training adventure. This is excellent news!


To make sure we are only asking for all your information once, the button below will take you to the form we use when you would sign up for your actual sailing trip. It asks for a bit of personal information, including a health statement you need to fill out and a passport copy.* The official stuff needed for when you get on board a ship 

This way, we have all the administrative stuff out of the way and we can all focus on the Dinghy program and getting you ready to sail 


In case you have signed up for a voyage already and want to fund that through Dinghy, just send us a quick email on and we’ll take care of the rest. 


Questions? Not sure what to do? Just contact us through the email above or on +31 682790115 (Call or WhatsApp). Our office team and volunteers would be happy to help you out.


Speak soon! 

Windseeker Dinghy Team 



* Please make sure that you have a scan or good photo of your passport available when you start the booking process. All of your personal data will be treated with utmost care and according to the GDPR rules (click here to read Windseeker Privacy Policy).