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Tall Ships Races 2020

The route of the Tall Ships Races 2020 has been announced. The Tall Ships will return to the Iberian Peninsula, visiting Lisbon, Cádiz, A Coruña and Dunkirk.


Three Races, Four Cities, Long History

The first three cities in the 2020 Tall Ships Races: Lisbon, Cádiz and A Coruña have together hosted the Tall Ships an astounding number of 22 times! To even things out, for Dunkirk it will be the first time as one of the Tall Ships Races ports.

The events will start in Lisbon, the fascinating capital of Portugal. From there the fleet will race south to Spanish Cádiz. The following leg will start as a race from Cádiz to the finish line located 120 nautical miles from the start. Then the vessels will cruise north along the coast of Portugal and Spain and meet again in A Coruña. For the final race the Ships will cross the Bay of Biscay to Dunkirk in northern France.


The Tall Ships

The registration for the vessels is not open yet but as always we are expecting dozens of large and small vessels to take part!


The dates of the Tall Ships Races 2020 festivals in the host ports:

Lisbon, Portugal 2-5 July 2020
Race 1
Cádiz, Spain 9-12 July 2020
Race 2
A Coruña, Spain 24-27 July 2020
Race 3
Dunkirk, France  6-9 August 2020