Tall Ships in Stavanger during the Tall Ships Races 2018 Windseeker

Fun day out with friends

Wadden Sea, October 2020
All photos courtesy of BTOWU

– by Nienke

Besides providing us with super awesome, smart, science people to ensure the high quality of the sustainability side of our Exchange programs, By the Ocean we Unite also organize their own things. Like ‘citizen science’ day trips, during which folks from all over the country can join a traditional dutch ‘flat bottom’ sailing ship to learn about plastic, do some research and brainstorm together about what we all can do in our daily lives to reduce plastic usage/pollution.


Our crew member Nienke once got Windseeker connected with BTOWU, way back when she attended the one and only maritime school for sailing ships in Enkhuizen, together with their founder Thomas. Nienke joined one of the (completely Covid-proof) day trips last month, enjoying a day out on sea and assisting in the research.


Nienke says: “It was just really nice to get out there, interact with my friends at BTOWU, sail for a bit and realize once more why we added the sustainability part to the Exchange. That day, we found that there was 4432 pieces of plastic in every square mile of Waddensea. Fourthousandfourhundredandthirtytwo. Seeing a seal swim past us in this UNESCO World Heritage nature reserve whilst having the manta net out to take the water sample was a strong image. It was a great day.”


Thanks to By the Ocean we Unite for a fun day out, and for sharing their photos!