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We are looking for two people to join our office team in Amsterdam as coordinators for educational projects in the context of sailing. They must speak fluent English and Dutch. Self -employed (ZZP) also welcome to apply. Read more below.

Fundraising Program Project Manager, part time (3-4 days per week)

Currently Windseeker is developing an online, guided fundraising programme (The Dinghy Programme) to assist candidates fundraise the necessary amount to ensure their participation in Sail Training and Educational projects aboard Tall Ships. Key skill areas of development include: communication, personal development, self-confidence, networking skills and independence.

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Project Manager and Sales/Marketing Coordinator (full time)

The Windseeker vision is that non-formal education is essential in supporting and empowering youth to make a change in the world. The team are looking for someone to align with this vision and help promote our core values of Inclusion, Connection, Empowerment, Adventure and Investment in Youth to inspire and unite people regardless of background.

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