Tall Ships in Stavanger during the Tall Ships Races 2018 Windseeker

We sail together. We sweat together. We smile together.

Vega Gamleby
Gothenburg - Blyth - Gothenburg

– by the Trainees

Logbook trainees Vega Gamleby 2016 Gothenburg-Blyth-Gothenburg
Part 1: 23-24 August

We sail together. We sweat together. We smile together.
We are friends. We are family.
We are the champion.


23-August-2016: Linda
Today it was a wonderful day. We started with a climb lesson for the rig. Then we learned about the different ropes and sails.
Because I was a galley rat so I went down with Nathan to the kitchen for dinner. We had to wash all the cups because there wasn’t any left. Then when we were done with the dishes after eating, we got the happy news that we were putting up all the sails and I couldn’t be happier. I have learnt all the different ropes and sails on the ship.

24-August-2016: Olivia
Today was the best watch day on this travel. We set the topgallant which I was in charge of setting. This task was fun and made me closer to the watch-leaders and showed my knowledge which I had gathered from my voyages on Gunilla. We also saw some kind of dolphin and everyone was excited. When we did the dishes also some of us were really tired and started laughing so much my stomach hurt. Some part of the day a fog came in. When it did, it became all quiet and it felt like I was a part of the pirates of the Caribbean and a pirate ship was just about to come out of the fog.

4- August-2016

So, now we’ve been on the Vega since Saturday, we’ve travelled past different places and been ashore, but of course, 95% of the time we’ve spent right here, on the ocean. I’ve felt all kinds of stuff, but mostly I’ve been happy for being able to take part in this journey. The sea is so gorgeous! It’s my first time on a boat like this, well honestly I’ve not been on too many boats at all. Just a silly cruising boat, it is not even nearly close to how this is/feels.

Something that really stuck me was how impossible it is to feel lonely on the sea, not once have I been feeling that creeping sensation humans flee to not feel. Why? Yes, I’m surrounded by people, many very kind and thoughtful too, but we all know that one can still feel lonely. But what is it then?

We just saw dolphins, like real life dolphins, I’ve never ever seen one in real life. I didn’t know how to react, I was just so surprised and now I’m in love with them. Things that only happen on the ocean.
Returning to what I wrote about before, I think it’s the complex simplicity of the ocean, and yes, it is all about the ocean, there are so many special living beings, coexisting, eating, sleeping, (drinking?), playing and being there, sort of like I am being there. The air is filled with ocean and so am I. I just can’t be/feel lonely. Sorry, not sorry 😉

Sailing exchange dolphins - Vega Gambleby - Windseeker

– Seasickness
– Freezing
– Not knowing when you really want to know & understand
+ Being rocked to sleep
+ Listening to the ocean waves
+ Watching the ocean
+ Climbing the boat
+ Learning new things every day
+ Getting to know the people better & feeling more and more relaxed with them, laughing, smiling, talking, making jokes, chilling, eating together
+ The cosines factor on this boat is HIGH
+ Nice peopleeeee
+ The fresh air
+ The warming sun after some time under the chilling clouds

Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky, we are just big drops in the sea. Some going under while some are sometimes flying over, we change, and everything changes.
I speak English. And speak Irish English with Nathan
I feel some seasick. To stop the seasick, I learnt to eat food and sleep well. Last time I sail to Scotland I was seasick whole way to Scotland.
I really like sailing.

24- August-2016: Dalmar
As of tonight we have seen dolphins for the first time, mastered every (almost every) line and sail, and come closer as a watch. Nights are cold, dark, and long but are made manageable thanks to good company.
I had a shower on deck today with seawater in hopes of getting clean. Was good for the first hour, now I’m all itchy. I also taste like salt.
I’m quite tired now so excuse the poor entry. Next one will be more descriptive, promise.