Sail on board the Tall Ship Morgenster from Den Helder to Scheveningen

Organised by Windseeker and The British School in the Netherlands with cooperation of By the Ocean we Unite.

Board the Morgenster in Den Helder and set course for adventure! Spend several days at sea, getting your sea legs and sailing where the winds take you. Will you set course west and visit the Channel Islands, discover British coast or maybe make your way towards Germany? The situation at sea changes every hour, but don’t worry! Change the course, adjust the sails and chart the new way onto the map. In the end the captain will make sure that you reach Scheveningen on time.

During the journey the ship sails day and night. You and your friends will be divided into three sea watches, each working 4 hours on, 8 hours off. The experienced sailing crew will teach you everything you need, starting with the safety drills, through climbing the masts, to steering and navigating. You will follow the Sail Training programme which combines practical sailing skills with the elements of personal development.

Your journey’s theme is sustainability. The marine biologist on board will tell you about the dangers of plastic in our waters. Together you will use a special net to collect microplastics and then analyse and record them, contributing to a global database.

Back in port – Scheveningen, just outside of the Hague – you will have the opportunity to invite your family on board and show them around.


Embarkation: Sunday October 10th at 16.00 in Den Helder.

Disembarkation: Saturday the 24th in Scheveningen.

From 10:30 until 12.00 we will welcome the parents on board with coffee and tea, so they can hear the stories and have a tour around the Morgenster as well.

Visiting: wherever the wind takes us!

The Ship

Morgenster is a 100-years-old Dutch brig, which means there are 2 masts with square sails which you'll have the chance to climb! The vessel is fitted out with modern comforts and all of the safety features in place (confirmed by international certificates).

Up to 36 trainees (participants) sleep in cabins or hammocks.

There are showers and lavatories on board, as well as a fully-equipped galley where the cook will prepare your meals.

The Morgenster is privately-owned and the atmosphere on board is very, as the Dutch say, gezellig.

What's included:

- Full board: breakfast, lunch and diner. It’s possible to cater to vegetarians as well as the most common diets with regards to allergies (e.g. lactose or gluten intolerance). Please let us know during booking about your dietary restrictions.

- Water, coffee and tea throughout the voyage.

- Sustainability-themed programme, including fishing for microplastics and analysing them with the marine biologist on board.

- Sail Training led by experienced mentors and crew.

Not included are: soft drinks and snacks (bought on board, cash), personal spending money on shore (we recommend bringing debit cards which work in other countries), travel insurance (obligatory, if you do not have one we can recommend Topsail Insurance – click here).


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Important. Please make sure you fill out both forms. One will follow the other:

- Booking Form: personal details necessary for your registration (note: scanned passport copy needed - it will be deleted 6 weeks after your journey).

- Health Form: information on your health and diet which needs to be considered by the ship’s crew.

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