The dream of Heinz Wutschke and Greet Dekker to sail the oceans with their own ship became true when they built the Anne-Margaretha. Far away from everyday commotion you experience the special peace and quiet of sailing the ocean. Dolphins skimming along the bow are no exception! Beautiful sunsets, tropical destinations; you can have it all with the Anne-Margaretha.

The Anne-Margaretha, a sturdy two-mast steel yacht, was launched in 2000. She was built to sail all seas and oceans. She has been on worldtour (including Antarctica, Patagonia, Galapagos Isles, Panama, Cuba, etc.) four times (in 2007-2008, 2009-2010, 2014-2015 and 2017-2018). In 2011 she has started to explore the far North: Spitsbergen, and the South: Antarctica.

The ship can accommodate up to 12 people: you can choose out of six two-person cabins, equipped with a private washbasin with warm and cold water. The for-part of the ship has four cabins, two communal showers and two lavatories. Beside that there are two middle cabins which each have a private shower and lavatory. The dayroom is fitted with all modern conveniences and this is where you eat together. Furthermore, there are many possibilities to relax in the spacious steering cabin or the pleasant saloon that has a great music installation and library.


Shipping type: Ketch

Homeport: Haarlem (NL)

Date built: 1998

Restored: -

Capacity: 12

Length: 22m

Beam: 5,5m

Draught: 2,8m

Sail: 515 m2

Height of mast: 22

Engine capacity: Daf 825 , 160 hp

Displacement: 49 ton