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The Europa was built in 1911 in Hamburg and first named 'Senator Brockes'. For years she served as a lightship on the Elbe, but then Harry Smidt bought the ship in 1986 and started refitting her for a new life. She was moved to Holland and was rebuilt into a bark (a square rigged three-mast sailing vessel); the Europa. Since 1994 the completely renovated Europa sails the oceans as sail training ship and ultimate explorer.


First class world wonderer. The Bark Europa has sailed every ocean and visited every continent. This three-master is equipped with a total of 30 sails and has participated in many Tall Ships’ Races since 1994. In 2000 the Europa came first in one of the legs and second in the overall Transatlantic match series. After that she sailed to Korea for the Tall Ships Races, went on to Antarctica and has made multiple ocean crossings between the Southern and Northern hemisphere. She sailed in the Trans Atlantic Challenge in 2009 and around the world in 2012/2013/2014. During this circumnavigation she participated in the Tall Ships Race between Sydney and Auckland and came in first! In short, a true world traveller.


The classical mahogany deckhouse, teak deck and floors and the authentic details take you back to the early 20th century. The comfortable cabins, eleven in total, are well equipped with a private lavatory and shower. The berths are divided into four two-person cabins, four four-person cabins and four six-person cabins. Board this Ship and experience the adventurous nautical atmosphere. The trainees on board get a chance to be a part of everything it takes to sail a Ship. Climb the rigging, help out in the galley, steer the Ship day and night, in wind, rain and sunshine. Step on board this ocean wanderer for just one leg or experience life on board for longer periods while crossing an ocean or visiting the penguins and seals in Antarctica.


Shipping type: Bark
Homeport: Den Haag (NL)
Date built: 1911
Restored: 1994
Capacity: 48
Length: 56m
Beam: 8,6m
Draught: 3,2m
Sail: 1250 m2
Height of mast: 33m
Engine capacity: 2 x Catapillar D343