Tall Ships Races 2018, picture of Ships sailing in a Parade of Sail

Tall Ships

Black Jack


The Black Jack was built in 1904 as a tug boat, but 1952 she was rebuilt as a brigantine. In 1984 Back Jack participated in the Tall Ships Rendez-Vous 84, and then the Ship went to New York for Operation Sail 86. Alltogether she has participated in several Races and in 2017 she is going to join the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta to celebrate Canadas 150th anniversary.


During the summers Black Jack offers special program for youg people between 12 and 14 years old. The youth can join summer camps were they learn to sail Tall Ships and explore the Ottawa River. The 5 to 10 days long Island Adventure Camps are based on the Alexandria Island and Black Jack. This gives the youngest trainees access to dry land and camp facilities in between sailing. There are games, activities, campfires and other camping activities. Young people can expect a great adventure while the parents can be secure in the knowledge that the participants are in a safe and friendly environment.

As a trainee you can expect to learn a lot! Firstly you will be handling the sails, helming and literally learning the ropes. Furthermore you will learn about meteorology, chart work, VHF radio operations and Ship maintenance.

You can earn your Ordinary Seaman Certificate on board.


Black Jack can accommodate up to 15 trainees. You will sleep on bunks in a dormitory together with your friends.


Shipping type: Brigantine
Homeport: Ottawa (CA)
Date built: 1904
Restored: 1952
Capacity: 12-15
Length: 26,5m
Beam: 4,3m
Draught: 1,8m
Sail: -
Height of mast: 24m
Engine capacity: -