Challenge Wales

Challenge Wales is a 72 foot, 18 berth Ocean Racer built in 1999. She is an experienced vessel for longer voyages, whatever the weather conditions.

The official language on board is English. The Ship has a fun and friendly team who enjoy working hard together when on board!

Although most of the people who sail on Challenge Wales are younger than 26, when she isn’t Sail Training she takes adults on board for team building and leadership activities. She also sails in adventure voyages and wildlife watching experiences. The Yacht regularly participates in the Tall Ships Races and Regattas. Join her for an unforgettable sailing experience.

The Challenge Wales charity strives to keep the environment clean. Please don't bring single-use plastic bottles on board but go for reusable options instead!


Challenge Wales has successfully raced around the world twice, the wrong way, in the famous Global Challenge Yacht Race which at the time was the toughest yacht race in the world.

In 2009 she became a sail training vessel, based near Cardiff (UK) and has won several trophies over the last years. She was re-named Challenge Wales reflecting her heritage and her home port. She has taken part in Small Ships Races and Tall Ships Regattas and the famous Round the Island Race.

In 2012 Challenge Wales was the official Welsh sailing yacht to be part of the Queen’s Jubilee pageant in London and in 2014 was the lead boat for the last few miles in the Commonwealth Games Flotilla in Scotland.


Challenge Wales can accommodate up to 18 people on all its voyages, with 18 bunks onboard. The vessel is equipped with a galley, saloon, two bathrooms (toilet/shower), safety systems, plasma screen/presentation facilities.

Step on board to become fully involved in all aspects of running the yacht. You can join even if you have no sailing experience as the crew will be happy to show you the ropes. If you are more experienced sailor you will definitely have the chance to improve your skills.


Shipping type: Bermudian Cutter

Homeport: Cardiff (UK)

Date built: 1999

Restored: -

Capacity: 18 berths

Length: 21,6

Beam: 5,6

Draught: 3,3

Sail: 262,5 sq m

Height of mast: 29

Engine capacity: 130 horse power

Displacement: 50 tons

Picture of the Yacht Challenge Wales Sailing on the sea

Step on board for an adventure!

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