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The ship has always been employed by fishing company Parceria Geral de Pescas . From 1938 until 1973 she was used for fishing purposes in front of the Newfoundland and Greenland coastal area.
In 1973 she returned to Lisboa for good and after six years of negotiating she was purchased by the Ministry of Fishery to become a fishery museum.
During the restoration it was noticed that the steel rump was still in excellent condition. For this reason they decided to restore the ship completely and to utilize it as a training vessel for the Academy of Fishery.
Nowadays the Creola sails with a crew of 38 mariners and 50 students of the Academy.


The beautiful ship Creoula is a training ship of the Portugese navy and is a sister ship to the Santa Maria Manuela. The Creoula is one of the last seagoing Grand Bank schooners. She was built in 1937 at the Companhia União Fabril yard in Lisboa. The construction of the Ship took only 62 days. The four-masted gaff schooner has a sail surface of 1244 m². Creoula also boasts reinforced bowwheel due to her previous trips to Newfoundland and Greenland. Since the renovation in 1992 there is also a classroom and library on board.

The Ship strives to provide young people with contact with the sea and the experience of a life on board.  Although a navy Ship, nowadays the Creoula sails mostly with civilians, offering a Sail Training program to all. Once you’ve stepped on board you will become part of the crew, steering the Ship, standing watch, hoisting the sails and doing all the other tasks, alongside, and under the instructions of, the professional crew.



Accomodation is divided in several areas. There is one area for the crew, which contains 21 bunks, and another one for the trainees, which one contains 9 bunks. Shower and toilet are present in the gangway. The food on board is good, with its Portugese influences.


Shipping type: Gaff Schooner
Homeport: Lisbon, Portugal
Date built: 1937
Restored: 1992
Capacity: 90
Length: 62.20 m
Beam: 9.9 m
Draught: 4.7 m
Sail: 1244 m²
Height of mast: 37.19 m
Engine capacity: MTU 8 cylinders / 500 HP