Eye of the Wind


The Friedrich was initially used as a schooner for the South American hide trade. In 1923 she was registered in Sweden and under the name Merry, and was used for transport in the Baltic and North seas, and for fishing herring off the coast of Iceland during summer. In 1969, then stripped of her masts and sailing as a motor vessel, she was severely damaged in a fire that all but ended her days on the sea.


More than 100 years ago a sailing legend came to life: in 1911, the German Lühring shipyard built a gaff schooner named Friedrich. In 1955 she ran aground in a heavy strom off the Swedish west coast. The wreck was salvaged, repaired and put into operation as a schooner under the name Rose Marie.  In 1970 a fire destroyed the ship´s stern and engine room. A group of enthusiastic ship lovers from England bought the ship in 1973, rigged the vessel as a brigantine and named it Eye of the Wind.

After being used by a private owner and participating in a number of Tall Ship regattas from 2000 until 2009, she is now operated as a sail training ship by the German based company FORUM MEDIA GROUP. the Eye of the Wind is very seaworthy and suited even for the high seas. Her crew looks foward to making to your Tall Ship dreams come true en take you on a unique sailing experience!


Accommodation is in double cabins, as it is common on sailing ships. All six cabins are comfortably furnished. In addition to toilet, shower, and air conditioning, standard 230 volt power connections are on hand in each cabin. Bed linens and towels will be provided in the cabins. Please expect a restricted range of motion, compared to the everyday situations at home; the storage space for luggage in the cabins is limited, too. You will hardly stay in your cabin during the day, but preferably in the salon or on deck. Upon payment of a surcharge you may stay in a single cabin, if available.


Shipping type: Brigantine
Homeport: Jersey
Date built: 1911
Restored: 1973
Length: 40.23m
Beam: 7.01m
Draught: 2.70 m
Sail: 750 m2
Height of mast: 26,30 m
Engine capacity: 600 HP