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Fair Jeanne


Brigantine Fair Jeanne was built between 1978 and1982 by Captain Thomas G. Fuller nicknamed "Pirate of the Adriatic" during second world war. The Ship was named after the Captain's wife. She was first used as the family vessel but, seeing the benefits of sailing on his own childre, Captain Fuller founded the Bytown Brigantine charity.
In the past 20 years Fair Jeanne has provided a quality Sail Training programme to over 2,500 trainees, sailing over 150,000 nautical miles.
During the summer of 2013 she has participated in the Tall Ships 1812 Tour. In 2017 Fair Jeanne is joining the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta.


The Fuller family built the Fair Jeanne in the backyard of their Ottawa home. She has been the family’s private yacht, sailing the world’s oceans for more than ten years. Nowadays the Ship sails mostly in the Great Lakes area where she offers a Sail Training program for youth. People between 15 and 18 years old can come on board for a development program. In addition to sailing, Fair Jeanne trips offer opportunities to learn leadership, confidence and self-reliance. The trainees learn cooperation and make lasting friendships.

As a trainee you can expect to learn about handling the sails, helming, line handling, meteorology, chart work, VHF radio operations and ship maintenance.

You can earn your Ordinary Seaman Certificate on board. If you plan to sail longer, aim for the Leading Seaman Certificate in order to become a part of the crew in the following years!


Fair Jeanne can accommodate up to 24 trainees in dormitory-style bunks with shared heads and changing areas. The cook's food is plentiful, coffee and tea are always on and the welcoming nature of the crew second to none!


Shipping type: Brigantine
Homeport: Ottawa (CA)
Date built: 1978-1982
Restored: -
Capacity: 36
Length: 33,5m
Beam: 7,5m
Draught: 1,7m
Sail: -
Height of mast: 24,4m
Engine capacity: -