Small Ships



Launched in 1916 under the name Jannetje Magaretha, the Gallant was built for the fishing industry. She was built in the shipyard of the brothers Figee in Vlaardingen who were considered to have built a few of the fastest hulls around in their time. The Gallant sailed as a herring logger on the North Sea. After that the Ship was sold to Denmark and from then on she was put into service as a cargo ship. In 1987 it returned under Dutch flag and was completely restored to accommodate trainee and work experience projects for Amsterdam youth.
In late 2017 the Gallant was bought by new owners who plan to use the Ship as an ecological cargo vessel. The Gallant's long tradition of competing in the Tall Ships Races determined the new itineraries which continue to include this event.


Life on board Gallant is a great discovery for any trainee. Teamwork is necessary to handle the huge sails or perform any maneuver, and most of the time leads to friendship. The Ship’s very friendly, competent and welcoming crew will make sure you are involved in every aspect of life on board, and that everyone becomes an integrated part of it.

During the watches the crew will progressively introduce you to every task needed to properly run a ship. Steering, setting and trimming the sails, navigation, maintenance – nothing will be a mystery to you after time spent on board!

The Gallant is not a square rigged ship so there is no need to climb up the masts for maneuvering. Still,  you can always take a trip aloft if you wish to admire the sea from up high!


What used to be a fishing hold is turned into a pleasant living area on the lower deck, with large tables, couches and a spacious, seaworthy galley. The vessel can accommodate 19 people in two-person to four-person cabins. The showers (2) and lavatories are communal.

As a trainee on board Gallant, you will sail in watch systems, either “4 hours on, 8 hours off”, or the “Swedish Watch System” when there are less trainees on board, where one day you see the sun set, and the other you can admire it rising above the horizon.

Gallant is much more than a vessel: it is a community which brings together people of all ages.


Shipping type: Schooner
Homeport: Douarnenez (FR)
Date built: 1916
Restored: 1987-1993
Capacity: 12
Length: 27,20m
Beam: 6,60m
Draught: 2,70m
Sail: 415 m2
Height of mast: 27,75m
Engine capacity: Daf, 270 PK