Gulden Leeuw


The Gulden Leeuw is a three-masted topsail schooner, which means that you can climb the 40-metre mast to unpack the square sails. That’s approximately 12 stories high! But do not worry, you can start with the lowest yard. With 1500 square metres of sail, there’s always something to do, even if you don’t want to climb, and teamwork is essential to do almost anything on such a large vessel.

Gulden Leeuw is a big sturdy Tall Ship that gets up to great speeds and takes the sea very well. She has the magnificent ambiance of the 30s, with simple, functional forms and rich materials; decorative and luxurious.

She often competes in the Tall Ships Races and Regattas, and continues her longstanding tradition of biological research in Exchange@sea sustainable youth journeys.

Captains Robert and Arjen lead the international crew whose aim is to have trainees take over the Ship completely. Join the Gulden Leeuw if you want to have an active holiday and learn as much as possible about sailing a Tall Ship. You won’t be bored!


The Gulden Leeuw started her life as Dana in 1937. She was sailing for the Danish government an ocean-going, ice class ship. During that time she was often conducting marine biological research.

In the 80's she was used as an offshore support ship, and after that the Danish Nautical School employed her to train their students in becoming experienced seamen. The P&T Charters bought Dana in 2007. The new owners have transformed her into a three-masted topsail schooner she is today, and renamed her as Gulden Leeuw (Golden Lion in Dutch).

Completely restored by 2010, in 2013 the Gulden Leeuw received the STI award for the “Most innovative initiative”. In 2017 she was named the Sail Training Organisation of the Year for "excellence, innovation and best practice in sail training for young people."


The deckhouse hosts the dining room, which doubles as a place for playing games, watching movies and hosting presentations: interested in dolphins and whales? This is the place to learn about them! Large folding doors connect the deckhouse to an enormous foredeck. Going towards the aft you will find several toilets and the beautiful Captains VIP lounge.

Take the steps up to reach the bridge, from where you can steer the Ship and see everything happening on the foredeck. You can also sit on one of the benches and relax while looking over the horizon.

Below deck you will find the galley and the dormitory. This is where you will sleep, in one hold, divided into women’s and men’s sections. Adjacent to the dormitory are four showers. The Gulden Leeuw can take up to 56 trainees on overnight journeys, and even 200 for day sails.


Shipping type: Topsail Schooner

Homeport: Kampen (NL)

Date built: 1937

Restored: 2010

Capacity: 56

Length: 70,1 m

Beam: 8,6 m

Draught: 4,2 m

Sail: 1500 m2

Height of mast: 40 m

Engine capacity: 1200 HP

Displacement: 700 ton

Sail on board the Gulden Leeuw

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