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The Iris was build in 1916 as Herring Lugger - build for the rough weather on the North Sea she fished the doggersbank for herring. Between 1920 and 1975 the Iris sailed the Baltic Sea with her home port in Sweden. She carried cargo for years, but was rebuild to sail with passengers in 1975 and was brought back to the Netherlands. She has visited spectacular places like the Lofoten in the north of Norway and has sailed through fjords and canals, through rivers and over the north and baltic sea. She credits her name Iris - She who travels with the wind.


The Iris sails all over Europe. Each summer season is filled with beautiful trips along the English, Danish, Norwegian, French and Belgian coast. She visits big and small sail events and participates in races throughout Europe, where she is one of the fastest in her class. Her hull and rigging make her a smooth sailor, that can be handled by the watch on deck. Teamwork is essential with a small crew, but under the watchful eye of the 4 professional crew, everybody can learn to sail. Travel with the wind.


The Iris takes on small groups up to 10 persons. You sleep in two person bedrooms. Below decks you will find a spacious living area with library and reading corner, there is an open galley that makes for a homely atmosphere. Traditional looks are combined with modern techniques throughout the ship, inside and outside.


Shipping type: Ketch
Homeport: Rotterdam (NL)
Date built: 1916
Restored: 1975
Capacity: 10
Length: 36m
Beam: 6,7m
Draught: 2,8m
Sail: 590m2
Height of mast:
Engine capacity: Detroit Diesel V8