Liv and Jans have been sailing together for many years, from the North Sea and Baltic to the Atlantic. They got to know many different ships before becoming the proud owners of Iris, giving the Ship their heart and soul.

The Iris sails all over Europe, exploring the North Sea, Baltic and even the Atlantic Ocean. Her hull and rigging make her a smooth sailor, that can be handled by the watch on deck. With up to 12 trainees, teamwork is essential, but under the watchful eye of the professional crew members everybody can learn to sail. The watch system enables Iris to sail around-the-clock to further destinations.

Iris is the Goddess of Goodness and is sent out by Supreme God Zeus to bring good tidings to the people. Decked out with a torch and beautiful wings, and carried by the rainbow, she is faster than the wind.


The story of Iris starts as Geesje van Urk, a Ship with a rich history, and unfolds across generations and seas. Originating as a fishing vessel in 1916, the Ship exemplified the epitome of Dutch commercial sailing, known for its speed and elegance. Crafted as a traditional lugger, she navigated coastal waters for decades, embodying the resilience and adaptability of maritime heritage. Despite the advent of steam technology, the demand for wind-powered ships was still present, leading to the birth of modern steel luggers. Commissioned amidst the tumult of World War I, she embodied the fusion of tradition with innovation, setting sail as a testament to Dutch maritime prowess.

The saga of Iris continued through changing tides and shifting ownerships, evolving from a herring lugger to a coastal freighter traversing the Baltic Sea. Renamed and repurposed over the years, she remained a firm presence on the seas, adapting to the demands of commerce and technology. In 1975 she underwent a transformative restoration becoming a sailing ship and a beacon of maritime tradition. From her beginnings as a fishing vessel to her reincarnation as the Iris in 2001, the Ship’s journey symbolizes the enduring spirit of seafaring and the timeless allure of the open ocean.


On board the Iris, up to 12 trainees can sleep in cosy, lovingly-designed cabins, each equipped with two comfortable single beds and a private washbasin. Here, you’ll find peace and comfort for a restful night at sea. The two modern showers and two separate toilets, are shared.

The open kitchen in the salon provides the ideal conditions for cooking together. Preparing meals on board creates a homely atmosphere and allows you to interact with fellow sailors, get to know each other better, and experience life on board a traditional ship. The salon is the central common area where most of the life on board takes place. Thanks to the ceiling hatches, it receives plenty of natural daylight, making it pleasantly bright. It is divided into two seating areas. The dining table can accommodate 12 people, and opposite, there is a cozy sofa corner. It is equipped with a Bluetooth sound system, a good game collection, and books.

Outside, the spacious deck invites you to enjoy the sea air, relax, and make friends.


Shipping type: Herring Logger

Homeport: Rotterdam (NL)

Date built: 1916

Restored: 1975

Capacity: 12 trainees + 4 crew

Length: 36 m

Beam: 6,66 m

Draught: 2,80 m

Sail: 400 m2

Height of mast: 26 m

Engine capacity: 235 kW

Displacement: 144 ton