The Iris sails all over Europe, exploring the North Sea, Baltic and even the Atlantic Ocean. Her hull and rigging make her a smooth sailor, that can be handled by the watch on deck. With up to 10 trainees, teamwork is essential, but under the watchful eye of the 4 professional crew members everybody can learn to sail. The watch system enables Iris to sail around-the-clock to further destinations.

Iris is the Goddess of Goodness and is sent out by Supreme God Zeus to bring good tidings to the people. Decked out with a torch and beautiful wings, and carried by the rainbow, she is faster than the wind.


The Iris was build in 1916 as herring lugger. Between 1920 and 1975 the Iris sailed the Baltic Sea with her home port in Sweden. She carried cargo for years, but was rebuild to sail with passengers in 1975 and was brought back to the Netherlands. She has visited spectacular places like the Lofoten in the north of Norway, and has sailed through fjords and canals, through rivers and over the north and Baltic sea.

Floris de Waard bought Iris in January 2023 to continue sailing with passengers. Iris grew up on sailing ships from childhood. Now he works with great passion for the sea, nature and the cooperation with people of different cultures.

Sailing on this beautiful two-master is a great experience and he is happy to take you on board to let you discover and experience the beauty of life at sea on a small scale.


The accommodation on board the Iris is comfortable and the ship has been made suitable for worldwide shipping. Up to 10 trainees sleep in 2-person cabins, each equipped with a sink.

Due to its spacious sitting area and separate dining area, the hold offers enough space for various activities such as cozy get-together, dining, but also for giving workshops and training courses and holding meetings.


Shipping type: Herring Logger

Homeport: Rotterdam (NL)

Date built: 1916

Restored: 1975

Capacity: 10

Length: 36 m

Beam: 6,66 m

Draught: 2,80 m

Sail: 400 m2

Height of mast: 26 m

Engine capacity: 235 kW

Displacement: 107 t