Johann Smidt

Johann Smidt was built 1974 in the Netherlands. Over the years, the Ship took part in several STA and STI Races, and won different trophies.
Johann Smidt operates in the Baltic in summer, and visits the Caribbean Sea in the winter. On board, the trainees learn by doing. The Ship sails 24/7, working with a three watch system.
On board you will find a saloon to relax. Trianees sleep in cabins (3x4, 1x6, 1x12). The 3 showers and 4 restrooms are shared.


Shipping type: Two-masted schooner

Homeport: Bremen

Date built: 1974


Capacity: 37 (30 trainees and 7 crew)

Length: 36,30 m

Beam: 8,00 m

Draught: 3,60 m

Sail: 470 m2

Height of mast: 32,1 m

Engine capacity:


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