Tall Ships

Lord Nelson


The Lord Nelson, like the Tenacious, is property of the Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST). The vessel is named after Admiral Lord Nelson who gained his greatest victory in 1804. The Lord Nelson was built in 1984 with the goal to teach physically challenged people how to sail. Several tests aboard the Tall Ships Marques, Royalist and Soren Larsen enabled Colin Mudie to design a ship that would meet all practical requirements. Interesting detail: Prince Andrew en Sarah Ferguson performed the naming ceremony.


Unique in its kind. The Lord Nelson is a pioneer in the sailing community. The Lord Nelson and the Tenacious are the only two tall ships in the world designed and built to enable people of all physical disabilities to sail side-by-side on equal terms. Since the launching in ’86, thousands of trainees sailed with this ship. The permanent crew is highly professionally trained and medically skilled. 40 trainees with all kinds of backgrounds and handicaps can participate on voyages with this unique vessel. The Lord Nelson is especially equipped to sail with handicapped people, but she sails with people of all abilities.


As said, this vessel is built in such a manner enabling people of all physical and sensory abilities to take an equally active role in sailing the ships. Some of the features on board that enable this are: signs in Braille, lifts between decks, wide aisles, vibrator pads fitted to the bunks to alert in the event of an emergency, power assisted and 'joystick' steering and a speaking compass. There are eight spacious cabins, suitable for wheelchairs, fitted with shower seats and adjustable basins in the shower. The Lord Nelson offers a sailing adventure for everyone!


Shipping type: barque
Homeport: Southampton (UK)
Date built: 1986
Restored: 2008-2009
Capacity: 50
Length: 55m
Beam: 9m
Draught: 4,1m
Height of mast:
Engine capacity: