Tall Ships



Mir (which means "Peace" or "World" in English) is the third ship of a series of six ships of the M108-class, also called "MIR"-class. They were built in the '80s at the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk, Poland. The first of this series is the sister ship built for the Polish navy: Dar Mlodziezy.

Since then, the Mir has become the school ship of the Makarov Maritime Academy in St. Petersburg, training future navigators and engineers for the Russian merchant fleet. For over twenty years, Mir has been taking part in international races of sail-training ships. She is a winner of prizes of the prestigious regattas, "Cutty Sark Tall Ship's Races", "International Hochsee Race Seestadt" and the "Grand Regatta Columbus-92".
She was the winner of the Tall Ships Races in 1996, 1997, 1998 and again in 2003 and 2004. For the first time in the history of the Races, which have been held since 1956, the same sailing ship was awarded the main trophy for two years running.


Mir is regarded by many as the fastest Class A sail training ship in the world. Since 1996, she won the the Tall Ship Races five times! Since 1990, up to 60 trainees of all ages are welcome on board to sail along with the Russian students of the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia. Mir’s full complement of sails is 26, she is sailed with a crew of 200 but can be sailed with only 30. The ship’s crewmembers and cadets have acquired a lot of friends in many European and some American ports, which makes every arrival a joyful experience!


The Mir has cabins for 6 persons. On the corridors are enough toilets and showers. With such a large numbers of crew and trainees, there is a library to study, a bar for a drink and a well equipped galley were everybody get their meals.


Shipping type: Full rigged ship
Homeport: St Petersburg (RU)
Date built: 1987
Restored: -
Capacity: 130
Length: 109.6m
Beam: 13,9m
Draught: 6,3m
Sail: 29,997 square feet
Height of mast: 52m
Engine capacity: