Tall Ships



Pathfinder was the first ship built for Toronto Brigantine Inc. Her keel was laid in 1962 and was officially launched in 1964 in Kingston Shipyards, Kingston Ontario Canada.

Francis Maclachlan designed the Ship with the purpose of Sail Training. She regularly sails all over the Great Lakes out of her homeport in Toronto, Ontario.

In 1976 the Pathfinder and her two sister ships sailed to New York to participate in the Tall Ships gathering of sail for the Bicentennial celebration. During 1994 the interior of Pathfinder was completely re-furbished.


Pathfinder is operated by Toronto Brigantine Inc (TBI). Since 1962 the organisation uses Sail Training in order to build character in youth. TBI delivers the program through peer to peer teaching and fosters youth leadership. Hence all crew on board (with the exception of the Captain and Mate) are teenagers as well.

Come on board in order to become fully immersed in a traditional Sail Training experience. Pathfinder operates 24 hours a day, in a three watch system. Everyone on board participates in sail handling and maneuvering, has an opportunity to take the wheel and climb into the rigging. As a result you will meet new friends, challenge yourself and create unforgettable memories.

Teens between 13-18 can sign on board for 5-10 days at a time. She regularly sails in company with her sister ship, Playfair. Both Ships operate mainly in the Great Lakes area.


The accommodations are based on a traditional sailing vessel mess. They are simple and efficient to accommodate a working Tall Ships crew. There are three sleeping compartments, two heads and one galley. Up to 18 trainees can sleep in the seamen's mess during overnight voyages.


Shipping type: Brigantine
Homeport: Toronto (CA)
Date built: 1962-1963
Restored: 1994
Capacity: 28
Length: 22m
Beam: 4,5m
Draught: 2,5m
Sail: 250m2
Height of mast: 17,4m
Engine capacity: 110 kW