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Picton Castle


Built with a perfect midium clipper hull shape in 1928 as a fishing trawler at Cochrane's in Selby, Yorkshire, England, Picton Castle spent her early years fishing and carrying cargo in the North Sea. In World War II she was pressed into service as a minesweeper and convoy escort. When looking for a vessel he could fit out as a fine square-rigged sailing ship, Captain Daniel Moreland found Picton Castle in Norway and brought her to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada where skilled craftsmen and tradespeople transformed her into the blue-water barque she is today. Since 1997 she has sailed around the world 7 times and sailed on many shorter voyages, introducing over 1,000 people to the way of a ship on a traditional square-rigger.


Deep water, square rigger, ocean voyaging at its best. The barque Picton Castle is known for her international voyages, crossing oceans and a high standard of seamanship training. This 179-foot sailing ship accommodates 52 people, including 12 professional crew members and 40 trainees. Everyone on board is a working, contributing part of the crew, standing watches, taking turns at the helm, performing forward lookout, handling sail, and assisting with ship’s maintenance. The ship sails from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada and she is proud to sail with an international crew. With seven world circumnavigation voyages, a year-long exploration of the Atlantic basin, numerous trips to the Caribbean, to the east coast of North America and to the Great Lakes, Picton Castle is truly a global voyager.


Crew are accommodated in upper and lower pilot bunks, each with their own curtain for privacy, a reading light and moderate storage space. The main salon, with its rich mahogany tables and sea chests from Bali inlaid with mother of pearl, acts as bedroom, dining room, living room and classroom. Eighteen crew are housed in the main salon, eight in the forepeak, eight in the after cabin and ten in the foc'sle. In fair weather, most meals are eaten on deck.


Shipping type: Barque
Homeport: Avatiu, Cook Islands
Date built: 1928
Restored: 1955, 1997
Capacity: 52
Length: 45m
Beam: 7.21m
Draught: 4,27m
Sail: 1157m2
Height of mast: 29,57m
Engine capacity: 690hp Burmeister & Wain Alpha diesel