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Roald Amundsen


Roald Amundsen was built in 1952 as a tank logger for the former GDR’s National People’s Army.
In 1992, the boat builder Detlev L ll and his friends from the society `Learn to Live on Sailing Ships` turned her into a brig as part of a programme against unemployment. Roald Amundsen made her first official voyage in 1993.
Although Roald Amundsen offers no luxuries, the Ship is well equipped with the latest communications and safety equipment on board. She has participated in the Tall Ships Races on several occasions.


The brig Roald Amundsen is a Tall Ship with a mission. Whether it’s maintenance or sailing, the ship is completely run by volunteers. Their goals are training, passing on traditional seamanship and forming new friendships that transcend national borders and generations. Everyone on board is part of the crew, regardless of age, gender and whether they are the permanent crew or are on board for the first time.


31 trainees sleep in 4-person or 6-person cabins in fixed berths – although hammocks are also available if you want to try out the experience! The bathrooms are shared. A cozy lounge area is perfect for relaxing after watch, making friends and sharing stories.


Shipping type: Brig
Homeport: Eckernförde (DE)
Date built: 1952
Restored: 1993
Capacity: 31
Length: 50 m
Beam: 7,2 m
Draught: 4,2 m
Sail: 850m2
Height of mast:
Engine capacity: