Tall Ships Races 2018, picture of Ships sailing in a Parade of Sail

Small Ships



Valborg was built 1948 in Porvoo, Southern Finland, to serve as a cargo vessel and carried mostly sand and timber between Finnish ports. After she retired in the early 70s Valborg was fully renovated and became a sail training ship for scouts. Today the ship is owned by Valborg LTD.


Nowadays Valborg serves as a Sail Training vessel, participating in events like the Tall Ships Races and offering charter trips to companies and private groups to finance the Races. During winter Valborg stays in water (and ice), and serves as an event venue with sauna.


Up to 28 trainees sleep in the main area, fitted with upper double bunks (shared between 2 trainees each) and single lower bunks, one per trainee. On board you will of course find all the standard comforts like showers and central heating, as well as a cozy fireplace. In true Finnish style, there is even a sauna on board!


Shipping type: 2-masted galeas
Homeport: Helsinki
Date built: 1948
Capacity: 28
Length: 36 m
Beam: 7,2 m
Draught: 2,30 m
Sail: 360 m2
Height of mast: 20 m
Engine capacity: 270 hp