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Wylde Swan


Wylde Swan was called Jeno at the moment she hit the water in 1920 as the steam trawler, built for the German Wilhelmshavener Hochseefischerei AG of stringen. She had different names, inclusing Ursula, Hariet and Jemo. The hull is of an old 'market chaser'. Such fast vessels bought herring catches from drifters, to bring them to market before the competition. In 2001 Sligting bought the ship. The Wylde Swan is built according to the plans of Willem Sligting and Hinke de Vries, a copule very experienced in building ships like the fast B-class Jacob Meindert and the Swan fan Makkum. The Wylde Swan was built to be the biggest, and hopefully the fastest, topsail schooner!


Wylde Swan is the world’s largest topsail schooner, rebuilt in 2010. A a potential winner of Tall Ships Races she is fitted out as a Sail Training vessel and crewed by sailors who have been professionally prepared to act as sailing tutors. She was bought, rebuilt and managed by the same team as the Swan fan Makkum.


The 36 trainees sleep in bunks and 8 hammocks where normally is a large saloon. There are also a few cabins with maximum of 4 trainees. Of course there is a room for education and a dining room. It is a modern ship with traditional rigging. The galley is of high quality.


Shipping type: Topsail Schooner
Homeport: Makkum (NL)
Date built: 1920
Restored: 2010
Capacity: 36
Length: 62m
Beam: 7,3m
Draught: 3,5m
Sail: 1130 m2
Height of mast: 43 m
Engine capacity: 460 HP (Catepillar C12 Diesel)