Wylde Swan


As a topsail schooner, Wylde Swan has impressive fore-and-aft sails, with a couple of additional square sails on the foremast. That makes the ship both fast and great for Sail Training activities!

The crew are well-trained professional sailors and volunteers, whose passion is to provide a challenging and hospitable environment for trainees. Learning happens organically on deck, while steering, navigating or setting the sails, as well as during occasional workshops, such as in astronavigation, photography, cooking, or leadership skills.


Wylde Swan was first constructed in 1920 as Jemo – a steamship for the German herring fishing fleet. The hull is of an old ‘market chaser’. These fast vessels were used to bring herring catches to the markets as fast as possible.

In 2007 the renovations began to bring the ship a new life – this time as a Sail Training vessel, constructed according to the plans of Willem Sligting and Hinke de Vries. The project lasted until 2010, when the newly named Wylde Swan has joined the fleet of Tall Ships as the largest 2-masted topsail schooner in the world. Since then the ship continues to sail with young people all year round, regularly competing in the Tall Ships Races as well as the Exchange@sea adventures.


The 36 trainees sleep in bunks in the Main Hall: an open and comfortable modern space, with plenty of room to relax. In addition there are a few cabins with maximum capacity of 4 trainees. Of course there is a room for education and a dining room. Despite its traditional rigging, Wylde Swan is a modern ship below deck.


Shipping type: 2-masted topsail schooner

Homeport: Makkum (NL)

Date built: 1920

Restored: 2010

Capacity: 36

Length: 62 m

Beam: 7,3 m

Draught: 3,5 m

Sail: 1130 m2

Height of mast: 43 m

Engine capacity: 460 HP (Catepillar C12 Diesel)

Displacement: 360 ton

Pictured: Tall Ship Wylde Swan sailing

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