Small Ships



The vessel was built in 1909 as a schooner in Neustadt / Schleswig-Holstein. Behind the elegant ship's form a true muscle man is hidden. After the launch in 1909 the Zuiderzee transported 400 tons of freight per trip across the oceans. The wind was her only driving force. In 1921 the first machine was installed. The exterior remained unchanged but in 1922 the interior was stylishly expanded. Since 1991 the vessel is used for sailing trips mainly in the Baltic Sea.


Strong and trusty sailing vessel. Upon deck, the ship offers plenty of space that can be used for active sailing and for relaxation as well. The Zuiderzee is perfect for conferences, seminars and celebrations as well as for school trips or a nice family holiday on the high seas. The crew is happy to help you with any kind of sailing and is always ready to answer all your questions. Trainees are welcome on board to learn and practice sailing. The “Grand Old Lady” is mainly sailing in the Baltic Sea and shows herself as well on sailing events


The Zuiderzee is sailed with a Skipper and first Mate, who are both full time professional sailors, and up to 22 trainees. Accommodation for the trainees consists of 2 two bed cabins and six three bed cabins. The cabins have a washbasin and storage space for your luggage. Shower / WC are in the corridor. Under deck, the ship has been altered to a comfortable and cozy living area with heating and a spacey saloon, the galley is a part of it.


Shipping type: two-masted schooner
Homeport: Enkhuizen/ Stavoren
Date built: 1909
Restored: 2001
Capacity: 22
Length: 38 m
Beam: 6,90 m
Draught: 2,40 m
Sail: 430 m2
Height of mast: 29,5 m
Engine capacity: Caterpillar