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Welcome trainees from The Tall Ships Races Turku 2021!

Congratulations, you have been chosen to sail in the Tall Ships Races this year. You can register for your journey now using the link below - please have a copy or good photo of your passport ready and fill out the health form after the booking.

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Step on board

Take part in the Tall Ships Races, an annual event hosting Ships from around the world. Young participants – trainees – aged 15-25 come together to sail, compete and make international friends. Do you want to be one of them?

Once you embark on your Ship, you will get the safety instructions and spend the evening getting to know your crew mates. Get a good night’s sleep because the next day will be filled with excitement! You will leave the harbour together with other Tall Ships, in a spectacular Parade of Sail. Then you’ll embark on an adventure, sailing day and night to reach your destination.

No previous sailing experience is required – if fact, for most trainees this will be the first journey ever. But don’t worry – the professional crew on board will teach you everything, from coiling the ropes to climbing the masts, steering and navigating!

Spend the last two days of your voyage in port, participating in crew-exclusive events, such as Crew Parade, Crew Party, games and competitions. This is the time to meet trainees from other Ships, exchanging your sea stories, and to say goodbye to your own crew mates.

Choose your journey


Sail from Turku to Tallinn in a 10-day journey of discovery. Take your time exploring the coast of Finland and Estonia and enjoy being out in nature and learning to sail. You might even have the time to anchor somewhere for a swim in the sea before sailing to your final destination.


Are you a thrill-seeker? This journey is a race, taking you from Tallinn to Mariehamn in a quick but exciting trip! You will sail hard and fast, trying to win the race against other Ships. You'll arrive in Mariehamn just in time to meet other crews and join the award ceremony, among other crew events.

Choose your ship


The Atyla is a true Spanish ship! Enjoy the leather seating in the saloon where you can listen to the crew’s stories from far-away seas. In hot weather you can lounge in one of the shaded outside areas to hide from the sun. The crew of Atyla is friendly and inclusive, and will make you feel right at home!
On each trip Atyla accommodates a total of 24 people in 5 rooms. The crew is composed of 5 professionals, 4 watch leaders and 15 trainees.


The Gulden Leeuw is a three-masted topsail schooner, which means that you can climb the 40-metre mast to unpack the square sails. That’s approximately 12 stories high! But do not worry, you can start with the lowest yard. With 1500 square metres of sail, there’s always something to do, even if you don’t want to climb, and teamwork is essential to do almost anything on such a large vessel.
A common dormitory, divided into women’s and men’s sections, can sleep up to 56 trainees - that's a lot of new friends!


The Swedish Tall Ship Vega Gamleby is open to all those wishing to experience a moment of history. In 2009 she celebrated her 100th anniversary and is still sailing the seas, as seaworthy as ever.
In the former hold below the deck, a large lounge has been built in, with plenty of space to enjoy meals or to socialize. The cabins accommodate two to four people. The ship's cook is known for delicious vegetarian food, which is all prepared in a well-equipped kitchen.
Vega is a vegetarian ship and there is no meat served on board (other non-meat diets possible at request).


Although over 100 years old, the Morgenster now boasts all of the modern safety features and provides comfortable accommodation for up to 36 trainees. Sailing on the Ship, with her Sail Training program, ensures personal development and growth for anyone willing to learn and to experience new things. Sailing on the Morgenster is not just a vacation – it's an adventure!
There are several four-person- and two-person cabins, and shared bathrooms. You can also sleep in one of the 8 comfortable hammocks, for an authentic sailing experience.

Your adventure dates


07 Jul, 16:00: embarkation on a Tall Ship in Turku

17 Jul, 12:00: disembarkation in Tallinn

17 Jul, 14:00-17:00: travel from Tallinn to Helsinki (then bus to Turku)

17 Jul, 20:00: arrival in Turku.


17 Jul, 16:00: embarkation on a Tall Ship in Tallinn

24 Jul, 10:00: disembarkation in Mariehamn

24 Jul, 13:30: travel from Mariehamn to Turku

24 Jul, 19:30: arrival in Turku


The participation fee is €100 per person. This covers the journey on a Tall Ship and travel from Tallinn or Mariehamn, or from Turku to Tallinn, depending on which leg you sail.
Excluded are personal travel insurance (obligatory) and travel inside Finland.

Participants have to be aged between 15-25. After the journey you will be asked to fill out a report and fill out a survey.

Older than 25? Check out other journeys here.

What to bring


We adhere to safety regulations and travel restrictions placed by the government of Finland, as situations demand. The instructions will be updated according to the situation with the pandemic.

All of the Journeys will take place in strict accordance to the most recent rules at the time of embarkation. Depending on the situation this might mean a smaller number of trainees on board, mandatory tests before embarkation, or vaccinations.

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