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Join a sailing adventure on a Tall Ship and set course for new horizons!

La Valletta (MT) - Dubrovnik (HR)

14 October - 21 October 2015

7 days, Alexander von Humboldt II

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Alexander von Humboldt II:
La Valletta (MT) - Dubrovnik (HR)

14 October - 21 October 2015

Sail the Adriatic Sea on a Journey from La Valletta to Dubrovnik, on board the Sail Training vessel Alexander von Humboldt II. Find your footing on deck, and learn all about sailing this Tall Ship while you bask in the Mediterranean sun. Your journey begins and ends in historic ports, giving an extra dimension to an already exciting experience! While on board you’ll learn to set and trim the sails under the guidance city is listed on the world heritage site and is cultural good of Croatia. The old harbour is a picturesque and cosy place to relax after sailing. The cool winds and all the smells, your senses will need some relaxation. Sailing on the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea is an amazing experience and just the thing you need! Open to all ages, minimum age 14 years.


La Valletta, the tiny capital of Malta, is a planned city, constructed in the 16th century as a fortified town and as the seat of power for the Order of Saint John. Today La Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage, famous for its wide, straight streets. The city gets hot in the summer, so be sure to bring your swimming gear for a refreshing dive in the Mediterranean. Its many historic buildings are best admired in the early mornings, leaving the evenings for parading around the old harbor.

Dubrovnik, the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic Sea’ deserves its name. It’s an old port town and one of the best-preserved medieval walled cities in the world. White houses with red roofs line the tightly packed streets of the old city, and if you discover the town on foot you will find churches, monasteries, the old fortress and several renaissance era buildings. Enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle by spending an afternoon at the beach, followed by a fine meal at a local restaurant.

Key points

  • Dates: 14 October 2015 - 21 October 2015
  • Embarkation: 12:00 / Disembarkation: 10:00
  • For Windseekers of all ages, minimum age 14 years
  • Windseekers joining: maximum of 54
  • No sailing experience required!
  • Official language on board: English
  • Price includes: accommodation and meals, excludes drinks at the bar
  • Price excludes transportation costs to-and from the ports. Our travel counsellor can advise you and book your transfers
  • One-off registration fee €25
  • Windseekers need to have a health insurance and a travel insurance
  • Need to take with you on board: towels
  • Contact your fellow-Windseekers via Windseeker facebook
  • "Looking at the sea, and only sea, for so many days, clears the mind.  "

    Anu (23)

You sail on the Alexander von Humboldt II

Shipping type: Bark
Homeport: Bremerhaven (DE)
Date built: 2011
Trainees: 54
Length: 65m
Height of mast: 32,9 m
Sail: 1360 m2

The Alexander von Humboldt II is a sail training ship in every possible way. She was built by and for sail trainers. She meets high safety standards and has modern nautical and technical facilities. The permanent crew members are specially …

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