Tall Ships

Alexander von Humboldt II


The Alexander von Humbolt II was built after her predecessor the Alexander von Humbolt I sailed to a new home on the other side of the Atlantic. The Sail Training Association Germany took it upon themselves to build the first Sail Training Vessel since 1958 from scratch. This new vessel was released into the world in 2011 dressed in the same colors as the one before her. Her bright green hull can been spotted from miles away.


The Alexander von Humboldt II is a sail training ship in every possible way. She was built by and for sail trainers. She meets high safety standards and has modern nautical and technical facilities. The permanent crew members are specially educated so that they can guide the trainees safely and competently. Everyone on board is part of the team and participates actively in the on-board operations. The “Alex 2” stands for active sailing, teamwork, a voyage full of adventures and fun. She has the looks of an old windjammer built in the early 1900’s, although all the new technology is on board.


The ship can accommodate 79 people. On board all trainees will stay in four-bed cabins. Out on deck the trainees are involved in every aspect of sailing a Tall Ship. They are divided into watches and are responsible for the work on deck as well as down in the galley.


Shipping type: Bark
Homeport: Bremerhaven (DE)
Date built: 2011
Restored: -
Capacity: 79
Length: 65m
Beam: 7,5m
Draught: 5m
Sail: 1360 m2
Height of mast: 32,9 m
Engine capacity: Volvo 6-sylinder four-stroke full range diesel engine