Tall Ships in Stavanger during the Tall Ships Races 2018 Windseeker

Arrival Kristiansand

Vega Gamleby
Skarhamn - Kristiansand - Aalborg

– by Jeroen (18) and Anouk (16)


After being the most seasick person on the whole boat, today I felt better again! So happy with this, had a lot of fun in my watch. This watch we got the chance to climb in the mast. First I did not quite feel like doing that, as I am afraid of heights. I however pushed my boundaries and took on the challenge, by climbing up the mast with one of the crewmembers! Such an incredible experience! I was standing in the rigging with the sea all around me and just felt the urge to stay out here, with these people, on this ship, forever. Learning so much all the time.

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After arriving in Kristiansand, we had some free time to stroll around. Once we arrived in the harbor it started raining, no big deal since there was enough to see. After lunch (noodles) we were going to the swimming pool. For some Dutch people it was really weird, because we do not shower naked in places like that. So some were really confused! The pool was nice but not that warm. It’s Swedish fishsoup and salad for dinner! Yay!