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TSR 2016

Tall Ships Races 2016

60 years anniversary Tall Ships Races!

The Tall Ships Races 2016 will be celebrating a diamond anniversary as it will be sixty years since the first Tall Ships race in 1956! Hundreds of Tall Ships, Small Ships and yachts gather each year to compete at sea in an exhilarating journey from country to country. Tall Ships Races (TSR) is the biggest sail race of the year! Join the thousands of sail trainees from all over the world, and embark on an epic Journey that will test your limits. Learn the ropes on deck, meet new people, and work together as a team to perform at your best. Nothing beats the excitement of the Race, but the Sail events in the ports you’ll visit will be a close second. Epic crew parties, live music and fireworks await!

TSR Race Dates

Race 1 – Antwerp to Lisbon: 9 July – 24 July

Race 2 – Lisbon to Cadiz: 24 July – 30 July

Race 3/Cruise-in-Company – Cadiz to A Coruña: 30 July – 13 August

TSR Sail events in port

Tall Ships Races Antwerp (Belgium): 7 July – 10 July

Tall Ships Races Lisbon (Portugal): 22 July – 25 July

Tall Ships Races Cadiz (Spain): 28 July – 31 July

Tall Ship Races A Coruña (Spain): 11 August – 14 August


Ships that will be sailing the Tall Ships Races 2016: Morgenster, Statsraad Lehmkuhl, Maybe, Gulden Leeuw, Atyla, Tomidi, Christian Radich, Santa Maria Manuela and Alexander von Humboldt II. At the moment a lot of Ships are still busy with their sailing schedule for next year.

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