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set course for new horizons


Together with Sail Training Association Netherlands (STAN) we are inviting young Europeans aged 21-30 to join our office in Amsterdam and get experience working behind the scenes of sustainable Youth Exchanges on traditional Tall Ships. All expenses paid.


The cost of your stay with us (accommodation, money for food, travel, bicycle, etc.) will be covered by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


About STAN

Sail Training Association Netherlands’ main focus is to organise sail training voyages and related projects for young people. These adventures involve the youngsters in every aspect of life on board: from sailing a Tall Ship and everything related to that, to learning about themselves, discovering their talents and maximising their potential. Our Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges add an international flavour to Sail Training, bringing young people from all over Europe together. Trying to make the experience as inclusive as possible, we organise fundraising training and special voyages for disadvantaged youth.


Project description

We work out of an office on a renovated boat “Brandaris”. We are a small team, which means that you can make a real difference here, your ideas will be seriously taken into consideration and if possible – implemented. You see something we should improve? Research possible solutions, brainstorm with your fellow volunteers, and let us know – we will be happy to hear from you!

You need to be aware that our work is office-related, though with the crew on board you will rarely be bored! We sit down to have lunch together every day and catch up on each other’s lives.

We communicate with Tall Ships to learn more about them and their journeys; we email future and past trainees; we update our website and communicate on social media. There is always administration to be done, and we share most of the tasks related to that. We prepare funding applications for various Erasmus+ projects and implement them: International Exchanges on Tall Ships or trainings for mentors on board the Ships. We are actively involved in promoting Sail Training via various channels: social media, videos, emails, phone calls, newspapers, etc. We also cooperate with a number of organisations in order to prepare better projects for the future.

And – of course – we sail on Tall Ships!


Volunteer’s tasks

The volunteer’s day-to-day activities will include mostly a variety of office tasks, depending on your strengths and areas you want to develop. There is always something to improve! As we are a small organisation, you will be directly involved in the projects. We welcome new ideas and value your original contributions.

A large part of your time will be dedicated towards preparing and spreading the word about the Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges on Tall Ships.

Although most days are spent working at an office, you will also be a part of sailing-related events: we get involved in fairs and expos, organise get-togethers and trainings. During those you will meet the captains and crews of our Ships and trainees – people who have participated in journeys. You will also meet other people who work from behind the scenes on organising sailing adventures.

Sometimes we get our hands dirty! Once in a while you might be expected to help with our boat/office maintenance, help paint a Tall Ship before she leaves for a journey or help to build an expo stand – nothing too heavy, and we always try to make it fun! Open attitude will get you a long way.

Of course, as part of your project you will also sail on one of our Ships. You will understand shortly what it is exactly we are doing here, and why. Once you’ve gained a little bit of experience, you will become a mentor for youngsters during one of our exchanges. Don’t worry, there will be trainings and tons of advice from your more experienced colleagues!


Some example tasks of our current and past volunteers include:

– preparing funding applications,

– coordinating with our project partners,

– communicating with sponsors,

– finding participants (promotion),

– creating posters, flyers, videos…


Additional information

Sail Training voyages provide the participants opportunities to challenge themselves and learn. Young people gain self-esteem and learn that they are able to do way more than they thought they could. They make new friends – often international, cross boundaries, learn about other cultures and gain insights that change their perspective on themselves and the world around them. Working with us would mean contributing to giving young people the opportunity to experience all this. And experience it yourself whilst doing so.


Accommodation, food, transport

As volunteer for STAN, most of your time will be spent at our office location, a recently converted freight ship “Brandaris” docked near the centre of Amsterdam. The ship is fully equipped for your stay, with modern cabins, bathrooms and kitchen. You will have your own cabin and share the living space with other volunteers. Grocery stores are nearby. Although public transport is nearby, the easiest way to get around town is, of course, by bike.

Please note that your living area will be on the ship where the office is located. That makes for a very short commute, but can also mean little privacy sometimes. There will be weekend meetings in the office sometimes and we’d like you to be a good sport about that.

The tall ships you will be spending time on are fully equipped for your stay.

You will receive a monthly allowance for food and pocket money.


Volunteer’s profile

Because of the nature of our work – and living situation – we are looking for mature and flexible volunteers. We welcome people who are happy to communicate with others by email or phone, or willing to work on those skills!

Our perfect EVS volunteer is:

– mature and flexible,

– able to communicate in English,

– able to work independently, self-motivated,

– with good communication skills – or the willingness to develop them.


Some additional qualities which will be a big plus:

– good command of written English,

– driver’s license,

– relevant work experience and/or education

– experienced with sailing (even better if it’s on Tall Ships),

– over 21 years old,

– any other skills which you feel might be useful.


If you don’t fit all of the criteria above but still feel that you’d be a good addition to our team, don’t hesitate to apply!



Why EVS at STAN?

Apply if you want to have the opportunity to:

– Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the sailing world,

– Gain experience working in an office environment,

– Learn to take charge of your own development,

– Create a network within the sailing world,

– Use and develop any skills you might already have,

– Live and work in an international community and organize international projects,

– Work with external communication,

– Experience teamwork within a small organization,

– Discover new talents and release your creativity,

– Work independently and learn to juggle different tasks,

– Develop yourself as a youth leader, organizing youth projects and working with youngsters,

– Live in a lively city of Amsterdam, where many different cultures mix and where there are many opportunities for personal growth, development and making friends,

– Work with a bunch of friendly people who are passionate about sailing,

– And many others!


How to apply

If you’re interested in our project, send a CV and motivation letter to Anna:

Feel free to use that email for any questions you might have.

There is no deadline, the call will close once we find the perfect fit for our team!