Ahoy, Sailor!

You've taken a first step towards joining a Sail Training journey. Perhaps it’s your first-ever sailing adventure, or maybe you’re a salty sea dog already? No matter your experience we encourage you to read this section carefully in order to prepare for your upcoming journey.

We hope that you will learn a lot from this page, but if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at info@windseeker.org - we love to talk about sailing!


This document will tell you what to bring: from the general packing advice (use a soft bag!) to specific things you need to have on board of your Ship (sleeping bag? Towels?)

There’s also useful information about important documents which you will need to have for your trip – so don’t skip this section!

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Organise your travel to the Tall Ships Races 2024

Race 1: Klaipeda - Helsinki - click here.

Cruise in Company 1: Helsinki - Tallinn - click here.

Race 2: Talllinn - Turku - click here.

Cruise in Company 2: Turku - Mariehamn - click here.

Race 3: Mariehamn - Szczecin - click here.


Would you like to relax and let others worry about arranging transfers to ports?

Contact Manon Eeken from Travel Counsellors at:
+ 31 235762105

Life on Board

It’s not easy to imagine what it’s like on board a Tall Ship if you’ve never sailed before. If you want to get an early glimpse into that world, visit our Life on Board page.

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Visit the Life on Board page

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sail Training?

Sail Training is an experiential learning program where you learn by doing. Aside from practical aspects of seamanship, Sail Training teaches leadership, teamwork and responsibility. It builds confidence. Most of all, it’s a fun adventure you will remember for a long time! Read more on our dedicated Sail Training page.

What insurance do I need for my trip?

You are required to carry with you the proof of being enrolled in the following:

1. Medical health insurance, for your home country, and

2. Travel insurance which covers medical expenses abroad, loss of luggage and third-party liability. Make sure that it includes sea sailing.


Please be aware that you need both of those in order to sail.


Your travel insurance will cover your Journey from home to the ship and back. Make sure to include the travel days in the insurance coverage, not just the days you are actually on board.


Tip: Windeeker has good experience with Topsail Insurance which specializes in maritime insurance, and can cut you a tailor made policy. Unfortunately at the moment Topsail is unable to insure EU citizens.


If you cannot be insured by Topsail, we recommend you try your local Allianz insurance (for Dutch trainees click here) instead. Please be aware that each country has different conditions and it’s your responsibility to ensure that the policy you’re buying meets all the requirements mentioned above.


Unless stated otherwise, cancellation insurance is not obligatory, but recommended.

How can I pay for my journey?

You will get details of payment options by email with an invoice. All Windseeker Journeys are covered by the STO Garant guarantee, so you do not pay the booking sum to Windseeker but instead into the escrow account which holds your payment in reserve until the trip booked has come to an end.


This means you will receive two emails:

  • an email from Windseeker with the invoice,
  • an email from STO Garant (info@sto-garant.nl) containing information about how you can pay for this booking.

At this moment, the STO accepts payments by bank transfer only. If you want to pay by credit card, we recommend using Wise. In many cases the costs for a regular bank transfer are also lower with Wise (especially international).

I follow a special diet, is this a problem?

No, this is not a problem if you let us know when you’re booking.

For A-class Ships it’s easier to take into account an individual diet than for B- or C class Ships.


If you are a vegetarian almost all of the ships can provide meals for you, with Vega Gamleby offering only vegetarian food.

Halal prepared meat and vegan food is possible on some of the big A-class Ships. If you are vegan please contact us first so we can make sure the cook can prepare the right food for you.


Please be aware that some ships will charge an additional fee for a vegan diet – for details write: info@windseeker.org

Am I too old to join Sail Training adventure?

No! Sail Training is for everyone who loves sailing on Tall Ships – or who would like to try it! As long as there are no health-related contraindications and you are reasonably fit – you’re welcome on board.

Some Ships/events have additional age restrictions which will be clearly visible in the journey descriptions.

Is there wi-fi on board? What about the mobile phone reception?

There is no wi-fi on board. If you participate in the Tall Ships Races or Regattas, you can use the Crew Center, which has wi-fi and computers available for the trainees.

There is no mobile phone reception once you’re farther than 20 nautical miles from the shore. Enjoy your digital detox!

In case of emergency the Ships are equipped with a satellite phone – after all, safety comes first.