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Valencia (ES) - Cape Verde (PT)

12 November - 01 December 2014

19 days, Oosterschelde

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Valencia (ES) - Cape Verde (PT)

12 November - 01 December 2014

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From Valencia we sail to the strait of Gibraltar where we enter the Atlantic and set sail for the Canary Islands. If there is enough time we visit one of the islands before we set sail for our destination in Cape Verde: Sal. Open to all ages, minimum age 15 years.

From the Mediterranean Sea you set sail for the warm winds and good weather in Cape Verde. You are welcome on board in Valencia on Wednesday the 12th of November at 5PM.


  • Nina (20) Norway

    "My trip in a few words: Sailed, tried new things. Big ship. Seasickness. Spent a lot of time on the sea."

  • Phillip (24) France

    "Working in a team is a skill I really improved on board during the watches"

  • Samantha (18) Australia

    "I have learned that despite my small size, I can do anything if I put my mind to it."

You sail on theOosterschelde


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An adventurous classic; stepping on board this monumental beauty is like stepping into another world. The atmosphere on board the Oosterschelde is one filled with history and adventure. The classical interior and brass polished details make you feel right at …

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  • Trainees at the Vega Gamleby

    Advice for the First Tall Ship Sailing Journey

    Windseeker, 12 April 2019

    – by Windseeker & Trainees

    A lot of the trainees who go sailing for the first time wonder what it’s like on board. And who better to answer that question than the people who were in this position a few years back? We’ve decided to …

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  • Ship

    Absolutely Awesome Day


    Southern Atlantic Ocean

    – by Annie van Haaren

    Today was absolutely awesome. Waking from a good 7 hour sleep to breakfast, first time in 5 days as I had been sleeping right through it when on the dog watch. We had watch from 8 am till 12 midday. …

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  • Dolphins
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