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In 1917 the construction of the three-masted schooner Oosterschelde was started by order of the Rotterdam shipping company. She was put into service as a sailing freighter along the coasts of Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and Northern Africa. The Oosterschelde was owned by several Scandinavian institutions, firstly under the name of Fuglen and later on Sylvan. Eventually she was taken under supervision by three nautical museums which restored the ship between 1988 and 1992. In 2017 the Oosterschelde celebrated her 100th birthday. Nowadays the Ship sails all oceans, joining Tall Ships Races and Regattas in the summer, and exploring Cape Verde during winter.


An adventurous classic; stepping on board this monumental beauty is like stepping into another world. The atmosphere on board the Oosterschelde is one filled with history and adventure. The classical interior and brass polished details make you feel right at home. The stories the crew can tell you are about adventure, exploring the world, and sailing from continent to continent. With several around-the-world Journeys on her track record she has seen it all and done it all, from cruises in sparkling blue waters to the roughest weather rounding Cape Horn. Be part of her crew and don’t miss the next adventure!


The Oosterschelde is fitted very comfortably with all modern conveniences. This three-master can accommodate up to 24 people. You can choose out of 9 cabins, each equipped with a washbasin. Pick a 4-person cabin or a 2-person cabin, it is up to you. Showers (2) and lavatories (5) are communal. The spacious and pleasantly decorated saloon hosts reading tables, a sitting area and even a piano. Even in the worst weather, the floor radiation heating and a wood-burning stove guarantee a cozy atmosphere.


Shipping type: Three-masted topsail schooner
Homeport: Rotterdam (NL)
Date built: 1917
Restored: 1988-1992
Capacity: 24
Length: 50m
Beam: 7,5m
Draught: > 3m
Sail: 891 m2
Height of mast: 36m
Engine capacity: 6 cylinder Deutz, 360PK


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