Can you join a Sail Training Journey if you're over 25 years old? Yes, yes you can! While some of Windseeker summer projects are aimed at younger trainees (Youth Exchanges and some of the Tall Ships Races Journeys), there are multiple voyages throughout the year where the mean age of participants goes up.

If you're over 25 and you'd like to sail with your own age group, check out the Journeys below!

Thalassa: the Whiskey Journeys

Explore France, Ireland and Scotland on board the stunning Tall Ship Thalassa. If you like whiskey, we recommend Thalassa's specialty: the dedicated voyages to explore Scotland's coastal distilleries.

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Santa Maria Manuela: Exploring the Atlantic

Sail on the newly-renovated Santa Maria Manuela from Lisbon to the Azores for an ocean adventure, or join one of the Azores trips and explore the archipelago with a beautiful schooner.

Santa Maria Manuela Journeys

STad Amsterdam: Mediterranean Adventures

Sailing in style! Enjoy southern Europe in one of the adventures: exploring the Med from Ibiza to Genoa, or sailing from Livorno, through the Strait of Gibraltar and up the Iberian coast to A Coruna.

Sail with Stad Amsterdam

Oosterschelde: Darwin200 Global Expedition

Follow in Charles Darwin's footsteps by joining one of the legs of this amazing expedition. The Oosterschelde will sail from Europe across the Atlantic, then around South America to the Pacific, the all the way to Australia and back via South Africa. Are you up for the adventure?

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The Tall Ships Races

If you're dreaming about Racing, huge events in ports, and getting to see many Tall Ships in one place, you can still join the Tall Ships Races on some vessels. Be aware that most trainees on board will be younger than 25.

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