Can you join a Sail Training Journey if you're over 25 years old? Yes, yes you can! While some of Windseeker summer projects are aimed at younger trainees (Youth Exchanges and some of the Tall Ships Races Journeys), there are multiple voyages throughout the year where the mean age of participants goes up.

If you're over 25 and you'd like to sail with your own age group, check out the Journeys below!

Morgenster: winter in Cape Verde

Explore the Cape Verde archipelago, visiting a different island every couple of days on board the Morgenster. Discover new places with local guides, and reach remote areas on this beautiful Tall Ship. And if you're looking for a bigger adventure, you can choose a Journey over the Atlantic to or from Cape Verde!

Sail the Morgenster in Cape Verde

Saeftinghe: Exploring the Baltic

Join the family ship Saeftinghe for the sumemr journeys in the Baltic. Sail from Den Helder to Copenhagen, or explore the coasts of Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Visit remote islands and enjoy the summer sailing adventure.

Explore the Baltic

Thalassa: Scottish Coast

Explore Great Britain on board the stunning Tall Ship Thalassa. If you like whiskey, we recommend Thalassa's specialty: the dedicated voyages to explore Scotland's coastal distilleries. If not, then a hiking journey might be right up your speed instead!

Join Thalassa in Britain

Twister Tropical Expedition

Embark on an expedition that will take you from Europe all the way to the Caribbean archipelago. Enjoy the hot, sunny days in the middle of winter, visiting stunning tropical destinations, or take on a more hands-on adventure and sail across the Atlantic.

Twister Expedition

Eendracht - Caribbean Sailing

Set out of Europe,and sail to South America via Canary Islands and Cape Verde. Explore the Caribbean, and cross the Atlantic back to Europe in a bucket-list journey, visting the remote Azores along the way.

Sail with the Eendracht

Oosterschelde: Darwin 200 Global Expedition

Follow in Charles Darwin's footsteps by joining one of the legs of this amazing expedition. The Oosterschelde will sail from Europe across the Atlantic, then around South America to the Pacific, the all the way to Australia and back via South Africa. Are you up for the adventure?

Read more about the Expedition

Tecla: unforgettable expeditions

Discover new places with these sailing and hiking expeditions on board the Tecla. These journeys do not focus on Sail Training, but on exploring stunning locations. Bring your hiking boots!

Expand your horizons with Tecla